Leasing, a boon for car manufacturers

A providence for brands, generalists as well as premium. The long-term rental of an automobile, better known by the acronyms of LOA (rental with option to purchase) and LLD (long-term rental), represented, in 2020, 45% of new vehicle registrations by individuals, against 21 %, in 2015, according to figures from the consulting firm C-Ways.

A progression rate of more than four points per year, for a formula which makes it possible to solve, at least in part, a squaring of the circle: driving a new car, without having quite the means to acquire it or be willing to sacrifice a significant portion of your budget for it. Companies, for their part, are crazy about this type of contract, which alleviates their balance sheet. In fact, most automobile advertisements no longer refer to a sale price, but to a monthly rent.

This practice, imported from Anglo-Saxon countries, has accelerated with the emergence of electric and hybrid cars, significantly more expensive than thermal engines, 55% of which are distributed through leasing. Enough to make these vehicles more accessible, the cost distribution of which differs from traditional automobiles. They are more expensive to purchase, but significantly less expensive to use, thanks to reduced maintenance costs and energy prices (electricity rather than gasoline).

“A fixed budget, without bad surprises”

At Renault, 72% of Zoe are broadcast in LOA. The “cash” sale price of this vehicle reaches 25,500 euros (ecological bonus of 7,000 euros deducted), but it is used for three years for a monthly rent of 149 euros. A Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus, at 36,700 euros (bonus deducted), will be invoiced from 299 euros.

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“Leasing reassures those who want to switch to electric, because, at the end of the contract, they will not have to worry about the residual value or the condition of the batteries, supports Yannick Pesce, head of product marketing at Audi France. Now, people think of their cars as they do with telephone subscriptions or video on demand. They buy a service, with a fixed budget, without bad surprises. “ It is possible to integrate vehicle maintenance into the agreement, or even a subscription allowing regular use of a thermal car for long journeys.

Very effective loyalty tool

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