Legacy of Johnny Hallyday: behind the scenes of the agreement between Laeticia and Laura Smet: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

"Finally!", Say some. Friday July 3, 2020, Laeticia Hallyday and Laura Smet reached an agreement on the inheritance rights of Johnny Hallyday. This ends a legal battle that lasted more than two years. In his will, Le Taulier had designated as the sole heirs of his fortune and his work his youngest daughters, Jade and Joy, as well as his last wife, Laeticia. In an interview with our colleagues from Parisian on July 3, 2020, lawyer Gilles Gauer revealed the underside of the Taulier's decision. "He wanted to protect his children, in particular Jade and Joy who were 9 and 13 years old at the time of his death, and wanted his work to develop in the best conditions ", he confides.

"He never wanted to disinherit his big children"

However, the Montpellier lawyer would like to emphasize this, Johnny did "never wanted to disinherit his big children." "We want to respond to Johnny's attacks", he explains. Since her arrival last September on the board of Laeticia Hallyday, we can say that her relations with her stepchildren have calmed down enormously. Johnny's widow was already willing to "do everything to restore peace and reach an agreement", he remembers. Gilles Gauer therefore immediately acted accordingly. "We immediately gave up Laeticia's call (which challenged the judgment of the court of Nanterre which established her husband as French resident, editor's note.) our will was clear. It took a little while to resume the dialogue. " But today, the two women did it. "Johnny's mourning was terrible for everyone, but today, confidence is restored. Laeticia has chosen to reach out and she was accepted by Laura", concludes the lawyer.

As for David Hallyday, if he did not accept the agreement proposed by Laeticia, he "withdrawn" any legal action. "We didn’t ask for anything, so it’s normal that we’re not part of this deal. ” declared his lawyer, Pierre-Jean Douvier, to theAFP. According to Closer, he would have decided to sell all of his shares to his sister, Laura.

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