Legal dispute before BGH – who created the body shape of the Porsche 911?

At the time, it was largely unknown that Béla Barényi developed the principle of the “coming Volkswagen” years before Ferdinand Porsche. This is what Barényi called his design drawing of the floor assembly made in 1925. It already contained all the essential technical features that later characterized the VW Beetle: boxer engine in the rear, air cooling, the engine arrangement behind and that of the transmission in front of the rear axle. When the two writers, Herbert A. Quint and Horst Mönnich, scornfully denied this authorship in their books in the early 1950s and instead attributed it to Porsche, Barényi sued both of them. In the course of the trial against Quint it turned out that this name came from Porsche employee Richard v. Frankenberg was used as a pseudonym. Barényi won both cases, which went up to the BGH.