Legislative 2022 6,293 candidates in the 577 constituencies, 20% less than in 2017

The candidates for the legislative elections are 6,293 on the starting line for the first round on June 12, a number down 20% compared to 2017, according to figures published by the Ministry of the Interior on Monday.

This represents almost 11 candidates on average per constituency. Some 55.8% are men (3,514 candidates), 44.2% women (2,779 candidates). The candidates had until Friday evening to declare themselves in the prefecture.

A setback linked to alliances

In 2017, for the last legislative elections, 7,882 candidates presented themselves, more than 42% of them women. This was 1,300 candidates more than five years earlier (+19.7%).

This means that the number of candidates this year has returned to the level of 2012. This decline can be explained in particular by the alliance on the left within the NUPES between LFI, EELV, PS and PCF, and by that of the presidential majority (Together) between LREM, MoDem, Horizons and Agir.

Together and NUPES elbow-to-elbow

The official campaign starts on May 30. The outgoing presidential majority (28%) and the left alliance of (Nupes, 27%) are neck and neck in front of the National Rally (RN, 21%) in voting intentions for the June legislative elections, indicates a poll Ipsos broadcast on Monday, which predicts strong abstention.

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Based on these voting intentions, the seat projections grant an absolute majority to the presidential coalition (LREM/MoDem/Horizons/Agir), which would collect between 290 and 330 seats, the lower range being very close to the 289 elected representatives necessary for can govern without joining forces with other parties.

The NUPES would become the second formation in the National Assembly with between 165 and 195 seats, ahead of LR which would retain 35 to 65 and the RN which would obtain between 20 and 45.

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