Legislative 2022 Live: the National Assembly elects its president this Tuesday

8:20 am: Elisabeth Borne continues her consultations

After having received the leaders of the parliamentary groups of the presidential coalition on Monday, the Prime Minister is continuing her interviews to negotiate agreements on future texts of law, starting with that on purchasing power. Elisabeth Borne receives Olivier Marleix (LR) this morning at 9 a.m. This evening, she will discuss with Boris Vallaud (PS) at 7 p.m. then with Julien Bayou and Cyrielle Chatelain (EELV) at 8 p.m.

7:54 am: “Élisabeth Borne will be a great Prime Minister”, assures Gérald Darmanin

The Minister of the Interior is invited to the microphone of RTL to respond to those who consider that Elisabeth Borne is not “political” enough to stay at Matignon. “Élisabeth Borne will be a great Prime Minister”, assures Gérald Darmanin, recalling that Édouard Philippe and Jean Castex also faced this trial in legitimacy and yet were “great Prime Ministers”.

7:50 am: Gérald Darmanin reaches out to the Republicans, his former political family

At the microphone of RTL, the Ministry of the Interior confides its wish “that the LRs join the President of the Republic” to support the presidential coalition in the National Assembly. “The French wanted this Assembly, they are happy with this election,” said Gérald Darmanin. They obviously did not want us to govern alone. We don’t agree on everything with the LRs, but we agree on a lot of things. […] We agree on security, on public finances and the economy, on purchasing power, so that there are tax cuts, that’s already not bad. »

7:47 am: Gérald Darmanin sees himself staying inside

Asked on RTL about the possibility of a change of portfolio following the upcoming reshuffle, Gérald Darmanin evacuates: “I am very proud and very honored to be Minister of the Interior, if I can continue to this post, I will be very honored. The current tenant of Place Beauvau took office in July 2020.

7:07 am: LREM deputies position themselves for key positions at the Palais Bourbon

The LREM deputies, renamed Renaissance, have chosen their candidates for the key functions in the Assembly: Jean-René Cazeneuve for the post of general rapporteur for the budget, Sacha Houlié as president of the Law Commission, Marie Guévenoux and Eric Woerth as the quest.

The candidates put forward by the majority have a good chance of gaining access to the functions concerned. But given these designations, the majority may not reach parity, unlike in 2017.

7:05 am: The 16th legislature opens this Tuesday

The deputies take office on Tuesday. They must elect this afternoon, from 3 p.m., the President of the National Assembly. Except surprise, it is Yaël Braun-Pivet, the former Minister of Overseas, who should be appointed to this post.

Before 6 p.m., the groups will also have to submit their political statements, accompanied by the list of their members and related deputies. The political groups can, if necessary, declare themselves to be in opposition. This will establish the balance of power in the new Assembly.

The marathon will continue the following days at the Bourbon Palace, where the members of the office of the National Assembly will be appointed on Wednesday (six vice-presidents, three quaestors, 12 secretaries in total) and on Thursday the presidents of the committees, including that of the coveted finance committee.

7:01 a.m.: Morning guests

  • 7:38 a.m. – France 2: Olivier Marleix, president of the LR group at the National Assembly
  • 7:40 am – RTL: Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior
  • 8:15 a.m. – Sud Radio: Mathilde Panot, president of the LFI group at the National Assembly
  • 8:15 a.m. – Cnews: Christian Estrosi, Mayor of Nice
  • 8:30 a.m. – LCI: Gérard Larcher, President LR of the Senate

What to remember from Monday

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne has begun consultations with the parliamentary groups on a possible “government agreement”, even their participation in a government, as well as on the vote on the next texts of law, including that on purchasing power.

First received on Monday: the leaders of the majority groups (Renaissance, Modem and Horizons). The head of government must submit her “roadmap” to Emmanuel Macron on Thursday, on his return from the NATO summit, for the composition of a new government.

The question of keeping Damien Abad in this government arises, while a complaint for attempted rape has been filed against the minister already targeted by other accusations of sexual assault. He announced in return a complaint for slanderous denunciation.

Olivier Marleix, the new boss of LR deputies, ruled out that LR deputies would agree to enter the government. Valérie Rabault, MP Nupes-PS, assured that her party would look at the texts “pragmatically”. And Fabien Roussel declared that seeing the PCF in government is “not on the agenda at all”.

The left-wing Nupes alliance has opened for signatures, outside the RN, its “human progress” bill which aims to include the right to abortion in the Constitution. The Nupes is now awaiting an inclusion on the agenda of its text.

7 a.m .: Hello and welcome to this live dedicated to the repercussions of the legislative elections and the new parliamentary session.

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