Legislative 2022 Oise: ex-LR Eric Woerth, who has become a macronist, qualified for the second round

Eric Woerth, candidate for the presidential majority Ensemble!, came out on top in the legislative elections in the 4th district of Oise with 27% of the vote. He will face Audrey Havez, RN candidate (24.15%), in the second round next Sunday.

The candidate who recently joined the ranks of the macronie was on conquered ground, since he is the outgoing deputy of the constituency. The 4th constituency of Oise also voted largely in favor of Emmanuel Macron, in the second round of the presidential election (54.05% of the vote).

Defeated in the first round in 2017

Eric Woerth had been put in difficulty in 2017, being beaten in the first round by the candidate LREM St├ęphanie Lozano. He had managed to narrowly win the second round with 51.98% of the vote.

This year, Eric Woerth had to face the dissident candidacy of Sophie Reynal (LREM), who did not wish to withdraw.

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