Legislative: François Hollande could well present himself in Corrèze

Stéphane Place (in Tulle), edited by Juline Garnier
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10:26 a.m., April 18, 2022

While rebellious France has definitively closed the door to an agreement with the Socialist Party for the legislative elections, some wish to reinvest the benches of the Assembly. This is the case of François Hollande. The former head of state plans to present himself on his land in Tulle, in Corrèze, where the inhabitants are divided as to his potential return.


A former head of state perhaps a new deputy? The decision is surprising, especially in Tulle, the city of Corrèze which made François Hollande known politically. “I see that he is still present, why wouldn’t he continue?” Says a resident. “We talk about him, for example, in the legislative elections, we say to ourselves, why not?”, Completes another. In any case, his presence in the Assembly could reinvigorate the Socialist Party, up against the wall since the low score obtained by Anne Hidalgo and the refusal of rebellious France for an alliance in view of the legislative elections.

“Let’s say it’s surprising. But hey, why not? He is very attached to the country of Tulle. I think people like him.” Here, in Tulle, if this left-wing voter is willingly considering a return of the former President of the Republic to the hemicycle during the next legislative elections, François Hollande is careful not to give a clear answer.

Can he be considered a “lambda” deputy in the event of an election?

“We say so many things. Better to let the French do it for the moment, then say what is important to pronounce the day after the election to discuss the new issues that will necessarily arise after an election”, declares François Hollande at the microphone of Europe 1.

Bernard Combes, faithful friend of the former president for many years and mayor of Tulle, remains considerate. “In my eyes, the risk of going to an election like this in a chaotic situation, perhaps does not allow to draw a victory. You still have to be well aware of the mental state of the voters”, says- he. “What would François Hollande come to do in this galley when he was President of the Republic? On the other hand, he plays a role. The fact of playing him like an ordinary deputy, I am not sure. “, he explains.

Even if many here salute the simplicity of the former head of state, whom they affectionately call François, imagining him becoming a simple deputy often leaves them doubtful.

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