Legislative: rebels and socialists meet today to negotiate an alliance

Negotiations for the legislative elections continue on the left, with the objective of presenting a united front to impose cohabitation on Emmanuel Macron. This Wednesday, leaders of the Socialist Party and France insubordinate will meet to find common ground.

After EELV and the PCF, the PS is the last party to enter into negotiations with the party of Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

With his score of 22% in the first round of the presidential election, the Rebellious candidate intends to take the lead of a broad coalition on the left.

Until now, any agreement between the two formations was unimaginable because of the attacks of Anne Hidalgo and Carole Delga during the campaign.

But under the impetus of the first secretary of the PS Olivier Faure, the vote within the party of an agreement in principle to discuss an alliance with the Insoumis has relaunched the exchanges.

intense negotiations in view

Manuel Bompard, in charge of negotiations for LFI, sets as a prerequisite for any alliance the fact of adhering to the strong markers of the Insoumis: the Sixth Republic, the blocking of prices, the increase in the minimum wage, ecological planning and retirement at 60. . This last measure does not convince the PS executives on the financial level and should be the subject of intense discussions.

Another important issue: the distribution of constituencies. The Insoumis initially proposed to share them between the different formations in proportion to the results of the first round. But this method does not suit the PS, which needs to present a candidate in at least 50 constituencies to benefit from public funding.

In Le Parisien, the ex-Prime Minister Lionel Jospin judged “positive” for the PS to take part in an electoral agreement of all the left, “provided that one does not seek to crush it”.

complicated negotiations with EELV and the PCF

Regarding EELV and the PCF, negotiations are stalling. The question of Europe, in particular, divides the rebels and the ecologists. The former reject certain treaties and are ready to arm wrestle with the EU, while the latter defend a federal Europe and criticize the principle of a “Europe à la carte”.

Former candidate Yannick Jadot called on Tuesday for “a very open coalition” which respects “the identity of the partners”. The national secretary of EELV Julien Bayou expressed his refusal to see his party erased under the banner “People’s Union” of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “They want to make us invisible, ask us to join the People’s Union and thus tacitly admit that there is no longer any use for an environmentalist party,” added Green MEP David Cormand.

The relationship with the Communists is also cooled. Fabien Roussel would like the Socialists to be included in the agreement to strengthen the coalition, even if it means procrastinating to make it understood by LFI.

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