Legislative: the homonymous candidate of Sandrine Rousseau declared ineligible for three years

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The Constitutional Council criticizes the former candidate of the Mouvement de la Ruralité, opposed to the deputy EELV in the legislative elections of 2022, for not having filed a campaign account.

Sandrine Rousseau facing Sandrine Rousseau. This incongruous political confrontation had taken place during the legislative elections of 2022. The namesake of the ecofeminist EELV had presented itself to her under the label of the Movement of Rurality (LMR, emanation of Hunting, fishing, nature and traditions ), in the 9th district of Paris.

The deputy of Nupes had won more than 42% of the votes, while her rival of the same name had collected only 1.88%. Although weak, his result above 1% forced him to make his campaign accounts public. What she didn’t do. The Constitutional Council therefore declared the ex-candidate LMR ineligible for three years for any mandate, on March 30.

“Gravity of this breach”

According to the electoral code,each candidate in the legislative elections subject to the ceiling provided for in Article L. 52-11 is required to draw up a campaign account when he has obtained at least 1% of the votes cast“. Despite this obligation, Sandrine Rousseau, childcare worker in Normandy, did not file her campaign account.

“Given the particular seriousness of this breachwrote the Constitutional Council seized last December by the National Commission for Campaign Accounts and Public Funding. Mrs. Sandrine ROUSSEAU is declared ineligible pursuant to article LO 136-1 of the electoral code for a period of three years from this decision.

The institution adds thatif Ms. ROUSSEAU argues that she was unable to open a bank account, this circumstance is not, in any event, such as to justify the absence of deposit of a campaign account“. With the next legislative elections scheduled for 2027, a new clash at the ballot box between the two Sandrine Rousseaus is still possible.

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