Legislative: the PS does not finally invest in anti-marriage for all Jérôme Lambert in Charente

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The Socialist Party confirmed to the magazine “Têtu” on Wednesday that it was withdrawing their nomination from the outgoing deputy of the 3rd district of Charente, who voted against marriage for all and PMA for all.

The PS is doing its housework. After having validated the candidacy of outgoing deputy Jérôme Lambert in the 3rd district of Charente, the Socialist Party informed the magazine Stubborn that he withdrew his investiture from the parliamentarian. In question, the anti-marriage for all and anti-PMA positions of François Mitterrand’s grand-nephew. It is that in 2013, the former youngest deputy of France voted against the law establishing sexual marriage, a flagship measure of the quinquennium Holland. Support of “the Demonstration for all”, he affirmed in particular that for him, “filiation is male and female”. Not enough to convince the Socialists to withdraw his nomination for the legislative elections in 2017… In 2021 it is, this time, against the opening of the PMA to all women that the deputy, elected since 1997 in his circo, had voted.

A CV which inevitably made cough on the left at the time of the announcement of the seventh investiture of Lambert. Alternately, rebellious, environmentalists and even some socialists have made known all the evil they thought of this support. “There are many of us, including the PS, to have a problem with the investiture of Jérôme Lambert”, wrote for example on Twitter the spokesperson of the party with the fist and the rose Gabrielle Siry-Houari. “It’s simple, we don’t want homophobes in the Assembly,” said Senator EE-LV Mélanie Vogel. 600 elected officials, activists and citizens had signed a forum published on the website of Stubborn titled “homophobia is neither popular, nor social, nor negotiable” to call on the Nupes to reconsider the investiture of Jérôme Lambert.

In the wake of the announcement of the withdrawal of support for Jérôme Lambert, several politicians and activists welcomed this decision. “La Nupes, the future”boasted eco-feminist Sandrine Rousseau by sharing the news. “This is rare enough to be underlined: a political party, the Socialist Party, renounces the candidacy of Jérôme Lambert, who had voted against marriage for all and the opening of the PMA. No to the trivialization of LGBTIphobia!” Satisfied the former president of SOS Homophobia Joël Deumier. It now remains for the PS to find a replacement for him. In any case, the person concerned has no intention of withdrawing. He explains to Figaro: “I am surprised that the PS lets itself face Sandrine Rousseau’s insane attacks in this way, but they have no local echo and if I am not the union’s candidate in the first round, I will be in the second round as for previous campaigns.

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