Legislatives 2022 Macron invites the political forces of the Assembly on Tuesday and Wednesday

Emmanuel Macron will try to regain control by inviting successively to the Elysee Palace on Tuesday and Wednesday the representatives of the political forces present in the new Assembly, where the absence of an absolute majority threatens to make the country ungovernable. Remained silent since the announcement of the results of the legislative elections, the Head of State proposed to “dialogue and exchange for the higher interests of the Nation” with these political leaders in order to “build solutions at the service of the French”, according to her entourage.

The representatives of the political forces intended to form the ten groups planned will be received successively. Among the first officials to have agreed to go successively to the Élysée are Christian Jacob (LR), Olivier Faure (PS), Fabien Roussel (PCF) and Julien Bayou (EELV) who will be received on Wednesday at 9:00 a.m.

Towards a redesign

Presented as the big loser of the ballot, Emmanuel Macron must quickly learn the lessons of the ballot before being caught up in a tunnel of international obligations (European Council, G7, NATO summit) from Thursday. He discussed Monday the strategy to adopt during a lunch with Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne and the tenors of Ensemble!, Edouard Philippe and François Bayrou. The Council of Ministers scheduled for Tuesday has been postponed, as has the launch on Wednesday of the National Council for Refoundation, a tool for the “new method” of consultation advocated by the president.

Elisabeth Borne’s speech on Sunday evening.

A reshuffle is inevitable to replace the three ministers beaten on Sunday: Amélie de Montchalin for Ecological Transition, Brigitte Bourguignon for Health and Justine Benin for the Sea. Only two months after his re-election, the Head of State is already at the foot of the wall: should he keep Elisabeth Borne after a few weeks at Matignon? And how can he politically reorient the government to try to achieve an absolute majority in the Assembly?

“My fear is that the country is blocked,” admitted government spokeswoman Olivia Grégoire. “It will take imagination, audacity, openness,” she said, reiterating the idea of ​​an outstretched hand to “all those who want to move the country forward”. But this call for “a majority of action”, launched on Sunday evening by Elisabeth Borne, was firmly rejected by the opposition, with the exception of a few elected officials from the right or center-left.

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