Leisure: These 6 retro hobbies are making a comeback

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6 hobbies of our parents that we take up again today

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The past offers us a lot of opportunities for inspiration in many ways. Old styles – such as the current Y2K look – are coming back after a few years, and not just in the fashion world. It’s also worth taking a look back at the past few years when it comes to leisure activities, because many hobbies from the past are making a comeback.

Former leisure activities of our parents or even from our own childhood can still bring fun and a bit of variety to our everyday life. The Klarna trend report has shown which things we are particularly enthusiastic about today.

jigsaw puzzles

At the latest during the Corona lockdowns, many people rummaged through the old puzzles from the cupboards. According to a representative survey, 27% of those questioned have been building puzzles or Lego in the last five years. Sales of jigsaw puzzles have increased enormously in recent months, as more and more people enjoy putting the small pieces together. And there is definitely something for almost everyone – because there are no limits to the motifs.

roller skating

In the 1970s and 1980s, roller skating in Germany boomed so much that there were more roller rinks here than in any other European country. It quickly became clear: Roller skating is not only a great way to get around, but is also a lot of fun. And since this brings a lot of joy to music, our parents quickly did the rounds in newly organized roller skate discos and showed them the tricks they had learned. But why can’t something like this still be a nice pastime in this day and age? That’s what more and more people have been thinking in recent years, giving roller skates their second boom. For example, roller blade sales increased by 102% in the second quarter of 2022. In some cities there is even the possibility to attend a roller skating party again. So, why not just give it a try?

To swim

When moving in the water, the body uses a lot of energy and often without us noticing it. More and more people are discovering swimming for themselves (back). Sales of swimming goggles sold have increased by an unbelievable 374% in the last few months. Especially with such hot temperatures, there is almost nothing nicer than ending the day in the outdoor pool and getting the necessary refreshment in the cool water.

And apart from the study, we can think of retro hobbies that we still enjoy today:

hula hoops

Many of us certainly remember them from our own childhood: the big, colorful hula hoops that make our hips gyrate. For a long time, play equipment had disappeared from the rooms, but in recent months it has experienced a boom and can now be found more and more in our apartments. In the past they were only used to pass the time, but nowadays hula hoops are often used as sports equipment. Because they should really make the pounds tumble.


Homemade things are often so much more personal than bought ones. As children, many of us certainly didn’t just have a sweater that Grandma knitted hanging in our closet. However, the Scandinavians have known for a long time that handicrafts such as crocheting or knitting are anything but dusty. They knit from a young age on the train or in the evening on the sofa and conjure up great pieces like gloves or slipovers. But knitting is also becoming increasingly popular among young people in Germany. And transforming wool into individual pieces is not only fun, but also has a great side effect: the pieces often last forever – and how nice is it to know who exactly created your clothes?

DIY jewelry

In recent years, our bodies have mostly been adorned with simple accessories, but one thing has recently become popular again: colorful pearl bracelets and necklaces. The trend towards crafting and designing has been very popular again since Corona at the latest, and so there is almost no avoiding making jewelry yourself. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a necklace, bracelet or earrings – there are no limits to your creativity.

Source: Klarna trend report


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