Lena Gercke: Dustin Schöne without her and baby Zoe on vacation

While Lena Gercke is enjoying motherhood to the fullest at home, her boyfriend and new dad of her daughter, Dustin Schöne, seems to have gone on vacation for men.

Nanu, Dustin Schöne posts pictures from his vacation in Sweden. Lena Gercke's 32-year-old friend seems to have been enjoying a fishing trip with friends for a few days. In addition to fantastic nature shots, he also shares a picture that makes his followers stand up on the back of the neck. It shows a fish hook in his thumb.

Without girlfriend Lena Gercke and daughter Zoe on vacation?

Friend Lena is not in the photos, but is pushing a shopping cart with a paddling pool in the basket through a hardware store. She showed a short clip of it in her Instagram story.

Lena Gercke alone at home

But no need to worry: The former "Germany's Next Top Model" candidate seems to have simply stayed at home with Baby Zoe and is enjoying motherhood to the full, as she revealed at the weekend. "Just a simple selfie of me on my carpet to let you know that I haven't been doing anything exciting for weeks and I love it! Have the best time at home with my little sunshine," she wrote about the picture she was wearing in a black blouse showing lying on the floor. She wears a gold chain with her daughter's name around her neck.

On July 6th, 2020 Lena Gercke and her friend Dustin Schöne became parents of little Zoe. They made their love official in April 2019.

Source used: Instagram

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