Lena Gercke: Fans love her gloomy baby bump snapshot

Hach Lena, we love your ball photos: Lena Gercke posted a new pregnancy snapshot. No baby bump picture was so dark – but it's sooooo cute too!

"It's gray outside, but we smile inside of us," the model writes for the photo she has now uploaded. In the picture we see her (and her cute ball) in profile, behind her rain clouds darken the sky. The beautiful pregnant Lena stands out as a silhouette – and all eyes are on her belly!

No wonder the fans are blown away. In the comments, followers let their enthusiasm run wild. Would you like some examples?

  • "Nothing dresses you better than the joyful expectation!"
  • "Enjoy this wonderful time – there is nothing better"
  • "So beautifully pregnant! All the best for you remaining ball time"

Celebrities like Steven Gätjen ("I'm very happy for you. Congratulations") or Janine Ullmann ("hot mama!") Comment on Lena’s ball snapshot. And of course the hearts are pounding on them: the picture already has more than 150,000 likes on Monday morning. By the way, the dark but beautiful snapshot is only the second "official" baby bump photo of Lena – so far we have only seen the little ball a few times after its announcement in her institutional.

Lena Gercke announced her first pregnancy four weeks ago. She and her boyfriend Dustin Schöne will soon have their first baby together. Are you wondering who Dustin Schöne is? We introduce you to Lena Gercke's friend: Lena Gercke – who is the happy dad of her baby?

Lena Gercke – Facts and Figures

  • She is a German model and presenter.

  • Lena was born on February 29, 1988.

  • Dustin Schöne and Lena Gercke have officially been a couple since April 2019.

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