Lena Gercke reveals her must-haves for the winter


Lena is a multi-talent. Model, mom, entrepreneur and designer. Just take a look at her clothing line and we know – we can get a lot of fashion inspiration from her! In an interview with Brigitte.de as part of the opening of the LeGer Christmas Shop, which Lena runs together with her partners ABOUT YOU and OTTO, she tells us what her absolute must-haves are for the winter time.

Lena Gercke is a real fashion professional and with her own brand 'LeGer by Lena Gercke', which is exclusively available from ABOUT YOU, has long since blossomed into a safe bank when it comes to style. Her style: casual, elegant and always a helping of exciting. How good that Lena now exclusively reveals to us which pieces are part of her signature looks this year and which are indispensable in the winter and Christmas season.

The bigger the better

In the fashion world, you can see a chunky black leather boat everywhere. It's practical and still stylish. I really like to put it on myself right now – whether it's raining or not, the boat is perfect for it.

And we just can't get around the trend shoe of the year either. Chunky boots are and will remain a must-have for winter days. Whether for the morning walk in a cozy look or for the business-casual style with fashionista vibes – this it-piece is a real all-rounder.

The perfect Christmas look

I love suits or velvet fabrics – in our 'LeGer Festive Collection' we have a one-piece that I think is perfect for Christmas. We also have a silk suit with matching trousers and festive dresses in the collection that are totally sexy.

Even if the Christmas days this year are probably much quieter than usual, we don't want to do without our chic outfit. That is why this year, like Lena, we rely on fabrics that are cozy and still look festive.

Chic knit

At this time of year I particularly like to wear large, thick sweaters made of coarse knit because they simply keep you warm and are totally cozy.

It's the simplest and coolest trend piece for the cold days and nothing goes without it with Lena either. We now wear cozy knitted sweaters made of coarse meshes with ruffled details and accentuated shoulders. We combine our favorite jeans, boots and a cool coat – et voilà. The style is not only totally comfortable, but also something fashionable.

Lena loves leather

I really like a leather blazer and wear it a lot. It just always looks good and is an absolute fashion statement.

Fashion pieces made of leather are great all-rounders. Whether as trousers, blazers or dresses – fashion girls no longer want to do without leather items. The leather blazer in particular can be styled in an infinite number of directions. It gives the business outfit additional bossy vibes, but in the right combination it can also exude a touch of sexiness. A statement in every look.

Cozy Christmas

Cozy and wide hoodies are great, and I often wear them over the holidays. I love it when you sit in a jogging suit with Christmas motifs at Christmas breakfast. Parts with bling are also cool – at Christmas it can be kitsch.

We have to slowly admit it to ourselves: In the winter and Christmas season 2020 we will spend more time at home than ever before. Cozy hoodies are our first choice. We wear them on walks, in the home office and on Christmas days. We even go a step further and pimp the cozy style with glitter sweaters and hoodies with funny Christmas motifs.