Lena Gercke: “When will this germ hell end?” She gets infusions

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Lena Gercke gets infusions +++ Oliver Pocher and ex Alessandra Meyer-Wölden celebrate their daughter’s 13th birthday +++ Love comeback with Cora and Ralf Schumacher?

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker

February 3, 2023

Lena Gercke gets infusions

Lena Gercke, 34, seems to have caught it again. In her Instagram story, the mother of two shares a picture of a drip. “When will this germ hell end?” she asks herself. The model was last sick in December last year, shortly before the birth of his second daughter Lia. It is understandable that Lena is frustrated to be weak again.

In the hospital bed, the 34-year-old now obviously lets her thoughts wander. “Take a moment to think about it,” she writes, adding, “For example, where to go to escape germ hell next year. Maybe Cape Town? LA? Australia? Definitely somewhere where the kids can have fun [sic]”. Therefore, she asks her followers for suggestions. “Would like to emigrate for at least 2 months,” Lena Gercke finally emphasizes.

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Lena Gercke: Because "germ hell" the model thinks about emigrating

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Oliver Pocher and ex Alessandra Meyer-Wölden celebrate their daughter’s 13th birthday

Nayla Pocher, the eldest child of Oliver Pocher, 44, and his ex Alessandra Meyer-Wölden, 39, is 13 years old! The parents are celebrating together with their teenage offspring in Miami. In his Instagram story, the comedian shares a truly sugar-sweet snapshot of a Berliner on which two candles form the number “13”. Pocher jokes: “The favorite daughter becomes a teenager …” and underlines the post with the “50 Cent” hit “In Da Club”.

Lena Gercke: Because "germ hell" the model thinks about emigrating

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Alessandra Meyer-Wölden also shares private impressions of the teenage party. In her Instagram story she posts a video in which Oliver gets out of the car during a red phase of the traffic light and says “U Can’t Touch This” by “MC Hammer” dances. In the background you can probably hear his daughter laughing and saying in English: “Don’t do that again”.

Lena Gercke: Because "germ hell" the model thinks about emigrating

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Along with another picture of a big batch of donuts, Alessandra captioned, “Oh my god it’s official… I have a teenager.” Oliver Pocher has two more children with her: the twins Elian and Emanuel, 11. His current marriage to Amira Pocher, 30, has two children. After initial difficulties, the Pochers and Alessandra now get along splendidly and have grown together as a blended family.

Amira and Oliver Pocher with Alessandra Meyer-Wölden

Amira and Oliver Pocher with Alessandra Meyer-Wölden

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Cora Schumacher comments on love comeback rumors

Well, the two seem very familiar to each other again. Cora Schumacher, 46, posted a photo on Instagram that made her fans rejoice. On the social media platform, she posed in an intimate pose with her ex-husband, former Formula 1 driver Ralf Schumacher, 47, with the meaningful comment “Glad, you’re back” (in German: “Froh that you are back.”). When asked by RTL, she explained: “Ralf and I haven’t seen each other for more than three months. And yes, I missed him.”

Ralf Schumacher confirmed in his Instagram story that he must have missed Cora too, in which he shared the post. “It was a nice evening,” wrote the younger brother of Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher, 54. The fans speculate diligently in the comment column and seem to long for a love comeback between the two. “For me you belong together,” says a user. Another fan writes: “Are you two a couple again? That makes me jump in the triangle. I would be so happy if love wins.” The desire of the fans is only too understandable, since Cora and Ralf were considered a dream couple in Germany for a long time. The two married in 2001 and had a son together, David Schumacher, 21. After around 14 years of marriage, Cora and Ralf divorced in 2015. Time will tell if they’re just platonic friends or if they really give love a second chance.

February 2, 2023

Udo Lindenberg says heartbreaking farewell to longtime friend

Hansi Westerfeld, bodyguard, companion and friend of Udo Lindenberg, 76, has died. With emotional words, the “panic rocker” says goodbye to his “really good buddy” on Instagram. The musician writes about a picture of himself and Westerfeld: “Dear Hansi, you crossed the big river way too early and way too suddenly… Life isn’t fair. You’ll still be here forever – in the heart of our panic family, as a bodyguard and Tour companion, masseur and friend and really good buddy… [sic]”.

Hansi was there for Udo “around the clock”, jogged with him “at four in the morning”, he was “always reliable”. Now he has to wish his longtime confidant a “bon voyage”. The last of his life.

February 1, 2023

San Diego Pooth: His grandfather has died

The Pooth family has to cope with a heavy loss: Franz-Josef Pooth, the father of Franjo Pooth, 53, and father-in-law of Verona Pooth, 54, has died. The son of the entrepreneur and the moderator now says goodbye with touching words. “Rest in peace, best friend,” writes San Diego Pooth, 19, followed by a red heart and a dove emoji. The 19-year-old shares a recording that shows him in a restaurant with his grandfather. Diego lovingly put his arm around his shoulders.

Verona and Franjo Pooth have not yet publicly announced the death of the Düsseldorf architect. In the summer of last year, Franjo shared a photo of the entire family on Instagram. “Wonderful dinner in our Landhaus Möchenwerth restaurant with mom & dad, wife and the boys,” he wrote in July about the harmonious family picture.

After the death of Rosi Mittermaier, daughter Ameli shares a touching post

After the death of Rosi Mittermaier, †72, Ameli Neureuther, 41, reported on social media. On her Instagram account, the fashion designer thanks her fans and followers for their sympathy in the death of her mother with moving lines. For a black and white photo that shows her famous mother as a ski racer at a young age, she writes: “Thank you for the many lovely messages and the great sympathy. The love remains.”

Rosi Mittermaier died on January 4th after a serious illness. The ski legend was married to Christian Neureuther, 73, and had two children with him: Ameli and Felix Neureuther, 38.

January 31, 2023

Steffen Hallaschka has “extended his marriage contract”

“Hello Internet! As you know, I really don’t like to talk publicly about my relationship life. But today I’ll make an exception.” With these words, “stern TV” presenter Steffen Hallaschka, 51, speaks to his fans on Instagram. He writes about the video: “Where love falls: News about the relationship status!” A clever move, because the news that seems private is actually professional.

“I’ve been with RTL for 12 years now. That means we’re about to celebrate the parsley wedding. […] You don’t change saddles so quickly and carelessly anymore. We have extended our marriage contract,” Hallaschka continues, which he is very happy about – as are his followers. Congratulations are collected in the comment column. In January 2011, Steffen Hallaschka succeeded Günther Jauch, 66, on “stern TV”. , in. Privately, the native of Kassel is married to his wife Anne, who regularly accompanies him to the red carpets of the republic.

Steffen Hallaschka and his wife Anne at the German TV Awards 2017.

Steffen Hallaschka and his wife Anne at the German TV Awards 2017.

© Andreas Rentz / Getty Images

January 30, 2023

Pietro Lombardi: The first meeting between his son and his grandfather is so sweet

The little son of singer Pietro Lombardi, 30, and his Laura Maria Rypa, 27, has been in the world for almost a week. A few days ago, the small family was allowed to return home from the hospital. There, other family members are also eagerly waiting to finally get to know little Leano Romeo. In her Instagram story, the 27-year-old now shares with her followers how her proud father holds her little son in his arms for the first time.

The freshly minted grandfather can’t seem to stop grinning. Laura Maria’s brother Daniel is also happy about the offspring in the family and his new role as an uncle.

Daniela Katzenberger shoots against Lucas Cordalis’ comrades-in-arms

While Daniela Katzenbergers, 36, and Lucas Cordalis, 55, wanted to secure the crown in this year’s jungle camp and thus take over the legacy of his father Costa Cordalis, †75, a real family scandal occurred away from the cameras. Katzenberger mother Iris Klein, 55, accused husband Peter (Lucas’ companion) of having an affair with Yvonne Woelke, 41, (Djamila Rowes, 55, companion) even packed her things.

But even in the camp, Lucas’ behavior increasingly caused heated tempers among fellow campaigners and spectators alike. The reason? At first he was considered too invisible, too calculated, and revealed too little of his private life. Then felt the new jungle queen Djamila and runner-up Luigi “Gigi” Birofio played the pop singer’s interest in her person. Gigi in particular repeatedly accused him of being “fake”. After Cordalis’ harsh comment in the semi-finals about Djamila’s home past (“Maybe she just doesn’t understand my motivation. She grew up in the home anyway!”) Social media even demanded his sacking.

Meanwhile, wife Daniela is taking sides with her husband. While watching the finale, the reality TV celebrity says in her Instagram story: “If you haven’t checked that you’re constantly being attacked, I think it’s so blatant. But it doesn’t matter, tomorrow the shit will be over. ” She is glad that her husband is the way he is. “He’s respectful, he’s a man of life. […] He’s just a normal, polite man. He doesn’t play it, he is like that. […] Sometimes he’s terribly happy because he’s just the way he is. You can hate him for that or not,” Daniela continues. The cat can’t take a stab at Lucas’ fellow camper and says: “He never jumped around on DSDS” and he’s never been on a dating show.” durchgenudelt” – like his self-proclaimed archenemy Gigi. She also makes fun of the prominent participants in the “The Countdown to the Finale” show, calling them “ass creeps”.

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