Lena Hoschek reveals: these colors will become a trend in 2020!

The year 2020 is finally here and with it a lot of trends that we will shop in the coming months. Whether strong three-piece, cool leather shirts or dots all over – the new year has a lot to offer in terms of fashion. But not only cuts and shapes are important, as always, the colors also play a major role in our wardrobe. We met Lena Hoschek at Fashion Week Berlin and she told us which colors will make it big in 2020.

While bright neon tones ended the past decade, the new decade starts much softer and more pleasing. Warm earth tones dominate especially in the cooler months:

It's a lot about brown, brown, brown! But red is also an important color for the upcoming fashion season

, said the designer in an interview with BRIGITTE.de.

Hosckek provided the evidence shortly afterwards. In her collection called 'Artisan Partisan', inspired by rose kilims from Molavia and Georgia, she showed swinging dresses, wide plate skirts and perfectly tailored coats in warm, flattering tones as usual. Your favorites:

Above all warm shades of red, i.e. rusty tones, cayenne pepper – or so-called carpet colors.

This trend piece is an imposition!

Lena Hoschek knows what perfectly sets women in scene. It stands for female cuts that get the best out of every figure. However, the 38-year-old consistently does without a piece of clothing – and for a good reason.

While the influencers have been crazy about it since last year, Hoschek cannot understand the hype. We're talking about one of the biggest comebacks of the past year: cycling shorts! A trend, which in her opinion would like to disappear again:

This is a mean piece of clothing that only someone can have invented that requires that every woman has the perfect figure – slim legs, a small ass, thigh gap and a washboard belly.

How good that the fashion year 2020 has so much more to offer. Whether cycling pants enthusiasts or enemies – the shops are already full of countless trend pieces.

Lena Hoschek: Model at the Fashion Week in Berlin