“Lena Lorenz”: This main character dies serial death

“Lena Lorenz”
This main character dies serial death

“Lena Lorenz” starts a new season on October 21st.

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Fans of the popular ZDF series “Lena Lorenz” have to be prepared for a particularly dramatic serial death in the new season.

The popular ZDF series “Lena Lorenz” starts a new season on October 21. Fans, however, have to prepare for a particularly tragic turn. In episode 23 with the title “Zerbrechliches Glück” Lena Lorenz (Judith Hoersch, 40) expects a severe blow of fate. Beware of spoilers: If you don’t want to know how to proceed, don’t read any further.

“Fragile Happiness”

In the four new episodes, which can always be seen on Thursdays at 8:15 p.m., everything revolves around the freelance midwife Lena Lorenz with her practice on her parents’ farm. Together with her husband Quirin (Jens Atzorn), she enjoys her young parents’ happiness with little son Luis. But happiness is short-lived. Quirin dies in a tragic accident.

Jens Atzorn gets out after 18 episodes. The son of the actor Robert Atzorn (76) had been part of the “Lena Lorenz” family since episode five. “After five years it was just about time for me to start new projects,” Atzorn explains his departure in an interview with spot on news. However, the decision was anything but easy for him. “Not only did I become very fond of the role, but also the entire team and my colleagues. I really considered it for a long time.”

The new episodes can already be seen in the ZDFmediathek from October 14th.


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