Lena Meyer Landrut is happy with her sweetie on Instagram

Hach, your heart will immediately open when you look at Lena Meyer Landrut's latest picture on Instagram. She and her sweetheart pose side by side for the camera and then there's a wet kiss. Who's the lucky one? Of course Lena's dog Kiwi, with whom the 28-year-old enjoys a relaxing walk in the forest.

Strong four-legged fan base

The funny thing: kiwi is not so unknown. The four-legged friend even has his own Instagram channel with an incredible 26,200 followers. You can only fall in love with the unmistakable, light brown ears and the shy dog ​​eyes. So if you have a cloudy day, just scroll through Kiwi's account and enjoy the sugar-sweet dog pictures. Guaranteed to put you in a good mood!

The fans are in love with shock

Even the fans can't get enough of the sweet rascal. A real heart-emoji explosion takes place in the comment boxes on Lena's Instagram channel. "So beautiful! There is nothing better than being in the nature with the dog!" Enthuses a follower under the picture. "Aaahhh I'm dying! You can't do that with us. SUGAR ”, another fan is happy. Oh Lena, one thing has to be given to you: you know how to win the hearts of your fans.

Who is Lena Meyer-Landrut? Facts & Figures

  • Lena Meyer-Landrut is a German singer and songwriter.
  • She was born on May 23, 1991 in Hannover.
  • Lena Meyer-Landrut was best known for her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, which she won in May 2010.
  • The winning title was "Satellite".
  • Lena Meyer Landrut's most famous songs include "Traffic Lights", "Wild And Free" and "Taken By A Stranger".

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