Léo Mattéï: Thomas Jouannet (Sam) against Jean-Luc Reichmann in the season finale tonight on TF1

Season 9 of “Leo Mattei” ends tonight on TF1 with a finale that welcomes Thomas Jouannet and Armelle Deutsch as guests. And in which Jean-Luc Reichmann will try to protect a young boy whose parents are torn for his custody.

Broadcast every Thursday on TF1, season 9 of Léo Mattéï, marked by the arrival of several new faces alongside Jean-Luc Reichmann, including Lola Dubini and Stomy Bugsy, is already ending tonight with the broadcast of the third and final episode. of this unprecedented batch.

Entitled “A Little Guardian Angel”, this investigation scripted by Franck Ollivier and Elodie Hesme begins when Arthur Duclos, an 8-year-old boy, finds himself in the Minors Brigade after having run away during yet another argument between his parents.

Pascal and Hélène Duclos, freshly divorced, are fighting for sole custody. Pascal accuses Hélène of being an irresponsible mother and unable to raise their son, while Hélène refuses that Arthur goes to his father because he puts him in danger.

Simple conflict due to divorce or manipulation? Which of the two parents is lying? Léo Matteï, Inès, and the rest of the team will try to discover the truth to guarantee Arthur’s safety. But time is against them…


After Laurent Ournac (Camping Paradis), Astrid Veillon (Tandem), or the singer Anggun, present as guests in last week’s double episode, it’s the turn of Thomas Jouannet (Sam) and Armelle Deutsch (Entre two mothers), married in the city, to come and play the guests of choice against Jean-Luc Reichmann for the time of this final by Léo Mattéï.

The two actors, who had already found themselves on the screen in Nina, Sam, or Elodie Bradford, camp here Pascal and Hélène Duclos who tear themselves apart for the custody of their son and inevitably find themselves in the viewfinder of Mattei. But viewers are sure to also recognize Zoé Félix (Clara Sheller), who also takes part in this episode.

Next Thursday, Léo Mattéï will give way to the series Balthazar, which will return to TF1 for a new season 4 eagerly awaited by fans, which will see Constance Labbé form a new shocking duo with Tomer Sisley following the departure of Hélène de Fougerolles in end of season 3. New episodes that can already be found in preview on Salto.

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