Leon Goretzka: Why it is so important to him to take a stand

Leon Goretzka
Why it is so important to him to take a stand

Leon Goretzka always attracts attention with his commitment to a better world.

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Leon Goretzka explains why football is exactly the right place for social engagement and on which topic it orientates itself towards others.

On the pitch, on Twitter, in interviews: At least since his “heart” gesture during the game against Hungary, Leon Goretzka (26) has stood for a new motto in football: “Spread Love”.

In a recent interview with “Grazia”, ​​the DFB national player explained why this commitment is so important to him: “For me it goes without saying. Racism and discrimination have no place on the football field or in our society.”

This attitude even spreads to his colleagues: They think it’s good that I take a position and it encourages them to follow a similar path. “

Five million euros against the corona crisis

Goretzka also showed social commitment in the Corona crisis: Together with his national team colleague and friend Joshua Kimmich (26), he founded the initiative “We kick Corona”which has already donated more than five million euros to charitable associations and social institutions.

The athlete is also concerned with other issues: He advocates a more conscious consumption of meat and has sympathy for the “Fridays for Future” movement.

“Fashion is a great, exciting topic”

Now Goretzka is also becoming a testimonial for a completely different area: fashion. As the new ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger watches, he has recently started thinking about fashion. Although he sees himself primarily as a “typical man” who understands accessories primarily to be a watch, his car key and a cell phone.

Still, he obviously enjoys the topic. And where does he get inspiration for his style from? “David Beckham certainly shaped an era, but I have copied a small part of each of the many different protagonists.” He prefers to wear “casual and stylish looks, especially shirts and pants”.