Léonarduzzi, former communications adviser to Macron, appointed VP of Publicis France

PARIS, May 23 (Reuters) – Clment Lonarduzzi, former head of communications at the Elyse, has been appointed vice-president of “influence” activities for the advertising group Publicis in France from June 1 next.

In this capacity, he will chair the Publicis Consultants agency and the Publicis Live Paris agency.

He will also be responsible for developing a “Crisis” offer for the Publicis Group internationally, the advertising group said in a press release.

Clément Lonarduzzi was appointed in August 2020 as head of the communication department of the Elyse before combining these functions from September 2021 with that of special adviser to Emmanuel Macron.

Before joining the Elyse, he already worked for Publicis, as president of Publicis Consultants. (Written by Jean-Michel Blot, said by Nicolas Delame)

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