"Les 12 coups de midi": Ingrid Chauvin makes a surprise appearance with her son Tom: Current Woman Le MAG

For Mother's Day, Ingrid Chauvin appeared by videoconference on the show The 12 noon shots presented by his friend Jean-Luc Reichmann. For the occasion, the actress of Tomorrow belongs to us gave news and clarified that the filming of the series has resumed "gradually". The actress also promoted her book Children's dreams whose release is scheduled for Thursday, June 11. "I thought that this third book would be dedicated to the child we would welcome because we had this adoption project for many years. Unfortunately, that was not the case and suddenly I evoke in this delivers the obstacle course that is adoption in France and I talk about child protection in France because I have met these children who are neglected and therefore cannot be adopted so I am reporting the dysfunctions that I could feel ", she said.

Ingrid Chauvin confides in Jean-Luc Reichmann

The actress then explained that her husband and son, Tom, were not far away. And the two men in his life appeared on the screen. "How beautiful they are", commented the presenter, touched by the scene. Internet users were also affected by this tender moment. "He sees himself on the screen, he is surprised", said Ingrid Chauvin. Then, Jean-Luc Reichmann made a tender confidence: "We have privileged relationships. I was fortunate to be at your wedding together. I was even there at the start of your relationship. And know that it is people like that, like the family of Ingrid Chauvin, who move forward and move all the mentalities that we can have. And they are always there for the family and the children ", he concluded.

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