“Les 12 coups de midi”: Jean-Luc Reichmann hilarious in the face of a particular request from viewers: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

And good appetite, of course ! Every day, Jean-Luc Reichmann makes an appointment with the faithful viewers of TF1 in the hit show The 12 strokes of noon. The game brings together several million people at lunchtime. While many are delighted to see the host and the midday masters test and tease each other against a background of general culture, others see this moment spoiled by a small detail. Indeed, many viewers no longer support the advertisements broadcast at the time of Jean-Luc Reichmann's show. The problem ? Their unattractive themes, as noted by a certain Sophie, in a comment left on an Instagram post by the host, Friday February 26, 2021: "On the other hand, Would it be possible to send TF1 the request to stop advertising about the feet, vaginal discharge, flatulence, etc., in the middle of a mealtime … I admit it is not very tasty when it comes time to eat … thank you. ", claimed the young woman, obviously a fan of the show, but a little less of the advertising choices of the A.

The unappetizing Twelve blows of noon

Far from being the only one to have noticed the advertisements clumsily chosen by TF1, Sophie was quickly supported by other viewers, also disgusted at mealtime. "It's systematic"," I agree "," Soon the urine leaks …","You are right ", " I agree with you and not only the Midi but all the time it is not very flattering and it should remain intimate "," It is this kind of advertisement or the grime in the washing machine which passes most often at mealtimes, it is shameful "," Very much. okay, this is the hour when I am at the table. And that's not very appetizing. "" It's true that sometimes you wonder where they go to get their ads, it will be more time to do without food pubs ", have added many subscribers of Jean-Luc Reichmann, on Instagram as you can find out by clicking HERE. What convince the facilitator to pass the message on to TF1 ? Nothing is less certain … In any case, he took this remark well, responding to Sophie with a series of emoji crying with laughter.

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