Les Ants, Bernard Weber’s bestseller, adapted into a video game

With more than 35 million copies sold worldwide, Bernard Werber is one of the most widely read contemporary French authors in the world. His first novel published in 1991, “Les Fourmis”, is adapted into a video game.

With more than 35 million copies sold worldwide and his works translated into thirty-five languages, Bernard Werber is one of the most widely read contemporary French authors in the world. A jack-of-all-trades, he even tried his hand at directing several times, notably with Nos amis les terriens in 2007, produced by Claude Lelouch.

In 1991, he hit hard with the first volume of a trilogy in the making, The ants. The novel was entitled to two sequels, Ants Day (1993) and The Ant Revolution (1994). Combining fantastic adventure and scientific facts, the books were a phenomenal success.

A fertile ground also for the imagination of video game creators. The publisher Microïds has just announced a game The ants based on the work of Weber. Developed by the Roche studio Tower Five under the Unreal Engine 5, this game will allow players, like a Microcosmos or Minuscules, to dive into the heart of the universe of ants, where they will have to make a colony prosper through tactical and strategic battles in a microscopic world of outsized proportions.

Tower Five / Microids

Exploration, strategy, confrontations, but also alliance with the local fauna will be necessary to emerge victorious from the many challenges that await the players. Adopting a narrative based on the rhythm of the seasons, with a changing environment and game mechanics, the player will follow his colony of ants with a 3rd person view, in photo-realistic environments.

Tower Five / Microids

No video accompanies the announcement, alas, but a small series of visuals to give an overview of the future title, announced for 2024. Something also to remind, for the oldest among you, the memory of the game Sim Ant by Will Wright.

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