Les Apprentis aventuriers 7: who is the first finalist pair?

In the episode of “Apprentis aventuriers 7” of March 20, 2024, a first pair qualified for the final. But who is it about? Response with Télé Star.

We finally know the first finalists of “Apprentis aventutiers 7”. In the episode of March 20, 2024 broadcast on W9, a first pair qualified for the final of the adventure game. The duel took place between the pinks (Giovanni and Cassandra) and the browns (Eloise and Nacca) after winning the last event against the reds (Vivian and Beverly) and the grays (Gabriel and Louana). Face to face, they therefore participated in an endurance and weight test. Each in turn, the pairs had to carry boxes from point A to point B, passing under nets.

Initially, the pinks and browns were neck and neck. But quickly, the pinks took the advantage and left the maroons behind. Weakened, Eloise – who recently announced that she was suffering from breast cancer – had great difficulty carrying the box in the sand. She even ended up falling before regaining strength. But was it enough? Once all the boxes had been brought in, each of the pairs had to reconstruct an image. And surprise: they are chestnuts who got out first! Against all expectations, they who often arrived in last position during the games, therefore qualified for the final!

Apprentice Adventurers 7: the maroons make an unexpected comeback

Astonished, Nacca reacted by declaring: “Who would have thought that we maroons could be the first to win our place in the final when for days we have been losing all the events?” For their part, the Roses were torn apart after their defeat. Cassandra actually had the impression that Giovanni was throwing stones at her. “We declared victory much too quickly and I’m losing my mind” declared Cassandra. Back on the beach, they created a surprise. “This is the hold-up of the adventure. Nacca and Eloise have never been very good in events and they won against the roses. The strategy no longer holds. Everything falls apart” said Beverly. But who will join them in the final? To be continued…

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