Les Bronzés 3: why Marie-Anne Chazel had to get up at dawn during the whole filming

In 2005, the filmmaker and his six Bronzés found themselves under the Italian sun. He tells us about the genesis and the secrets of this third installment, which hit theaters the following year. Les Bronzés 3: friends for life, to see Sunday July 3 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1.

A quarter of a century had passed, in 2005, since Les Bronzés go skiing. Why did you repile?

PATRICE LECONTE: For years, the members of the Splendid had been burning to work together again and had found an opportunity: the adaptation of the comic strip Asterix in Hispania that was to be directed by Gérard Jugnot. But the project fell through. They were so disappointed that they had to bounce back immediately on another subject. The idea of ​​a Tanned 3 germinated very quickly.

How had the relationship between the actors, who have become stars in the meantime, evolved?

I found the same as before. Perhaps they have, over the years, experienced periods of estrangement, dissension, petty jealousies, go figure! But they always remained very accomplices.

You shot in high season in a luxury hotel in Sardinia. How was the cohabitation between customers, who pay a lot to have peace, and a film crew, who put the souk everywhere?

We had made an agreement with management that allowed us certain areas at certain times. We were also tricky by shooting the scenes by the pool at the beginning of the season, when there were few people. Afterwards, everything was done in good intelligence and we did not have any major remonstrances.

A memorable detail of the film is the XXL chest of the character played by Marie-Anne Chazel. Where does this idea come from?

From Marie-Anne herself. With her small breasts, she has always dreamed of having big breasts! We hired a specialist and his assistant to manufacture on the spot, in a special oven, fake breasts. We changed them every three days because of wear. Between takes, Marie-Anne strutted around with it and kept repeating: “I’ve never been watched so much!” But she also paid the price for her coquetry because she got up at dawn, the installation of these fake breasts taking forever every morning.

With the ten million admissions of Tanned 3, fatal question: what if the Splendid called you to The Bronzed 4?

Obviously I would be delighted, even if, between you and me, I don’t believe for a second in the possibility of a sequel. But it is true that I said the same thing after 1 and after 2!

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