Les Compères: which actor from Plus belle la vie is hiding in the film?

Did you know that the cult comedy “Les Compères”, broadcast this Monday evening on France 3, marked the screen debut of one of the stars of the series “Plus belle la vie”?

The feature film Les Compères, broadcast this Monday evening on France 3, tells the story of two men, former lovers of the same woman, who team up to find a runaway teenager whom they believe to be the father. A cult comedy from French cinema led by Pierre Richard and Gérard Depardieu, a huge public success with nearly five million admissions, which marked the debut of a star of… Plus belle la vie!

Les Compères, released in theaters in 1983, is indeed the first real experience on the screen of Stéphane Bierry, who played the nurse Stéphane Prieur in the soap opera France Télévisions Plus Belle la vie between 2012 and 2018. In the film by Francis Veber, it is he who, barely 20 years old, plays Tristan Martin, the runaway teenager.

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Stéphane Bierry in “Les Compères”.

After this role in Les Compères, which he held while at the same time taking courses at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art, Stéphane Bierry is quite discreet. On the big screen, we see him in particular on the poster of the film De l’histoire vieille, awarded the Jean-Vigo prize, and the comedy L’Emmerdeur, which allows him to find (with a small role) the filmmaker Francis Veber a quarter of a century after Les Compères.

It is on the boards (for example in The dinner of fools de Veber) and for television that Stéphane Bierry works the most. It thus appears in the credits of very popular series such as Navarro, Julie Lescaut, Cordier, judge and cop, Alice Nevers, the judge is a woman, RIS Scientific Police and Profiling. But it is therefore above all his role as the seducer Stéphane Prieur in Plus belle la vie, played in 162 episodes, which brings him real notoriety. Since the end of the series, Stéphane Bierry has devoted himself to the theater.

The “Fugitives” trailer, another Pierre Richard / Gérard Depardieu collaboration:

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