Les Grands Buffets restaurant threatens to leave Narbonne for a more convenient city

The restaurant Les Grands Buffets, in Narbonne. Credit: Les Grands Buffets

In bickering with his lessor, the founding boss of the establishment would consider moving after thirty-three years of success.

Knives are drawn between Les Grands Buffets, the largest restaurant in France (20 million euros in turnover for 363,000 covers in 2021), and the agglomeration of Grand Narbonne, owner of the premises. In bickering with his landlord, the founding boss of the restaurant threatens to move after thirty-three years of success. “The conditions are no longer met for our development here, creaks Louis Privat. Our lessor is not respecting its obligations to maintain the temperature of our rooms at a maximum of 26°C. The disabled lift has been out of order for years and the parking lot is poorly maintained. We are being murdered on social networks when we are not responsible.

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Is this a bluff, when the lease (€251,000 per year plus €180,000 of energy access) expires on December 31? “Time to find a new location, it will take at least four years. I will pay dearly for my freedom of speech, but the situation is not acceptable”, assures Louis Privat, who has received marks of interest from neighboring prefectures and sub-prefectures. Installed in a public complex including swimming pool, ice rink and bowling, Les Grands Buffets are not exempt from any reproach. At Grand Narbonne, we talk about “technical installations generally made without (their) authorization” and one wonders about the financial health of the tenant and his “megalomania”. Moving or not, between the restaurant and its lessor, it’s discord.

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