Les Randonneuses: “A season 2 is not planned, but …”, the producer discusses the future of the TF1 series

The broadcast of the series “Les Randonneuses”, with Clémentine Célarié and Alix Poisson, ends this Monday, May 29 on TF1. Could Patty, Noémie, Sara and the others meet again for a season 2? We asked the question to the producer.

After three weeks of broadcasting, the series Les Randonneuses, carried by Clémentine Célarié, Alix Poisson, Camille Chamoux, Claire Borotra, Joséphine de Meaux and Tiphaine Daviot, already ends this Monday, May 29 from 9:10 p.m. on TF1.

Marked by Noémie’s suicide attempt, the rapprochement between Sara and Julien (Maxence Danet-Fauvel), or even an unexpected face to face between Karen and a bear in the middle of the night, the rise of the six “chemo friends” in the center of the series will it reach its end without pitfalls?

This is what viewers, who have been overwhelmed by this new series, will discover this evening by watching the last two episodes of Les Randonneuses.

When it was launched on May 15, Les Randonneuses attracted an average of 4.27 million viewers watching its first two episodes, i.e. 21.3% of the public and 23.5% of women responsible for purchases. Good scores which were confirmed on D+7 (5.5 million curious people watching the first episode, replay included), but also in week 2, with 4.08 million followers gathered in front of episodes 3 and 4.

So, because of these good audiences, especially on target, will the front page order a second season and thus give a follow-up to the adventures of Sara, Noémie, Patty, Karen, Morgan and Valérie?

No season 2 recorded for the moment for Les Randonneuses

Les Randonneuses has always been thought of as a mini-series by TF1 and by the production. The last episode, entitled “Valérie”, which the public will be able to discover this Monday on the air, thus offers a real end to the series and to the story of these six women. With the key to a very poignant and very successful last scene.

A season 2 has therefore never strictly speaking been considered and, according to our information, no sequel project is currently under discussion on the side of TF1.

Asked about a potential season 2 last March at Series Mania, producer and co-creator Fanny Riedberger told us that it seemed complicated to her to stretch the story of Noémie, Patty, Sara and the others beyond. of this specific piece of life told in the series, without deviating from the main theme of the story.


“Even if we obviously want to find these characters, it’s difficult to draw the thread of cancer, it’s not easy. It’s a mini-series because it’s a part of life that we tell. We would have to find another idea, but for the moment I don’t think about it at all”.

“So, no, a season 2 is not planned. But, of course, if the series is a huge audience success on TF1, and if there is an expectation and a demand to continue to see these women evolve on the screen, maybe we could find a solution”continued our microphone Fanny Riedberger, to whom we also owe the series Lycée Toulouse-Lautrec, the second season of which will soon start filming.

However, given the audiences, wouldn’t it be possible to envisage another season featuring new characters and new actors? Or the same actresses but in a different score, like what the American Horror Story anthology offers, which sees part of its cast returning from one season to another in different roles each time?

“An anthology, I thought about it”admits Fanny Riedberger. “That, for once, would be interesting”. It remains to be seen whether the success of Les Randonneuses will actually make the channel want to continue the adventure, in one form or another. Case to follow.

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