"Les Reines du shopping": Cristina Cordula amazed by the beautiful gesture of solidarity of a candidate: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

The show Shopping queens hadn't really accustomed these devotees to this kind of initiative. At the announcement of the celebrities invited to give a fashion lesson in mondovision, viewers of M6 expected more of the backcombing of updos than a surge of solidarity. Clashes and petty remarks are indeed part of the channel's entertainment DNA. And Cristina Cordula often leaves her role of judge to put the bitches in their place. For this week "influencer special", it's up to Carla Moreau, Adixia or even Séphora Goignan, all from reality TV programs, to choose the perfect outfit. The one that would marry ideally with the theme "trendy with a shirt". And if the participants competed in their imagination in a good-natured atmosphere, the final verdict revealed an unexpected surprise, where it sometimes leads to a settling of scores.

Cristina Cordula touched by this nice gesture

Winner of the competition with an average of 15.5 / 20, Friday February 26, 2021, Séphora Goignan (Les Anges 12) seduced Cristina Cordula with her daring look and her choice of accessories. But it is his gesture, as soon as the victory is won, which left the bubbly host and the viewers speechless. The young woman has indeed decided to offer the 1000 euros won to one of her rivals but nonetheless a friend. "I decide to pass them on to my competitor Célia, which was for me my most beautiful meeting in this adventure, " she announced before justifying her choice. "For me she deserves them more and she will make beautiful gifts for her children for me ". Surprised by this delicate attention, the makeover expert congratulated the influencer: "But it's great! It's very nice to see this gesture that you made and that makes me happy." A first in the program which honors its author with the winning mentality.

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