"Les Z’amours": a candidate creates discomfort by evoking his daughter's sexuality

Every noon, viewers feast on the crisp anecdotes of the couples who came to compete on the show's set Z’amours on France 2. Some candidates do not hesitate to reveal the little secrets of their love stories to the delight of host Bruno Guillon. It also happens that the presenter remains speechless at the revelations of some. Thursday, July 23, 2020, three new couples faced each other on the set of the France 2 program. At the question : "Your daughter is 16 years old. One evening, she brings a boy home and tells you that he is going to sleep with her in his room. How do you react ?", a candidate answered totally beside the point, causing discomfort on the set.

Bruno Guillon tries to catch up

To guide responses, the option "you give him a lesson on condoms"was suggested to the three spouses present. Fabrice, one of the husbands installed behind the desks, misunderstood the question and the proposed answer, so he began his response by stating: Six years old, a course on condoms maybe not… Well mine is 18 now so… Six years old I think… ", before being interrupted by the host who feared embarrassing revelations. "Sixteen years !! Not six years … Of course I am for prevention, it is important to talk about wearing a condom, but if at six years old she explains that her boyfriend is going to sleep upstairs, we are still at an early age which can be a little scary " Bruno Guillon explained before continuing the show.

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