“Les Z’amours”: a candidate's totally crazy plan to join his contender: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

It has been several years since Bruno Guillon took over the animation of Z'amours sure France 2, replacing Tex, ousted after a bad taste joke. In the show, the host sees each day scroll candidates who tell him crazy anecdotes like Guillaume, Saturday July 25, 2020. The boy returned to his first meeting with the one who is now his sweetheart, and it was crazy to say the least.

"We met on the internet! We were chatting by PC and she told me that she was at her brother's house, that the boiler was broken in the middle of December and that she was cold,"he remembered. And to confide that he had told her:"If you want I can come and serve you as a radiator because I give off a lot of heat. Listen I take a shower and then I comee."At this point, Coralie thinks he's about to come back… to the computer. Yet the phrase had a whole different meaning.

He took the road to join her!

Listening only to his heart, Guillaume took to the road, made 70 kilometers and landed at his sweet. "She opened the pilou-pilou door for me, her hair like that … " he joked. And for good reason, Coralie was in shock because she did not expect the boy to arrive in the middle of the night. After several tens of seconds, he was able to walk through the door and it was that night that their love story began.

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