Lesbians delighted in cut scene

Two decades after the release of the now cult film with Reese Witherspoon, “The Revenge of a Blonde”, we have just discovered that several alternative endings to the film had been considered. Including one who saw Elle Woods end up with an unexpected partner.

Released in 2001, Revenge of a Blonde (Legally Blonde in English) is a classic for a whole generation. Candy pink costumes that are touring museums around the world, cult scenes, quotes still used today in hilarious memes, the film made history. We also remember that he was a pioneer in the representation of internalized misogyny, the empowerment of women and the end of the concept of brainless bimbo.

In a recent article from New York Times celebrating 20 years of the film, journalist Ilana Kaplan collected anecdotes and memories of the development of the script and the shooting from actors, actresses, screenwriters and members of the production. The actress Jessica Cauffiel, who played Margot, the best friend of Elle Woods, revealed in this article an open secret that she had been waiting to see revealed in the press since 2001.

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“In the first imagined ending scene, we were to see Elle and Vivian (Selma Blair) on lounge chairs at the beach, drinking Margaritas and holding hands, explains the actress. So they were either best friends or were now a couple. “ Two girlfriends who would therefore have in common to have had Warner (Matthew Davis) as a little useful ex-boyfriend.

This end was ultimately not chosen. “Ditto for the second and third ending they wrote, continues Jessica Cauffiel. There must have been a musical group choreography on the steps of the courthouse. Right after Elle made her exit, we saw the judge, jurors and everyone get out of court and start dancing. “

A lesbian Elle Woods has not yet seen the light of day on our screens (the third installment of the saga is being written) but she is and will remain a heroine who does not need any man to be respected, with style.

Dan Hastings

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