Lesbians tell: 10 absurd things that we have to listen to constantly


Vanessa and Ina are in their early 20s, bright, cheerful, thoughtful, creative – and lesbian. And what they have to listen to so everything makes us a bit thoughtful … ?

“Living with a woman? Being with a woman? – Ieeeeh!”

Such thoughts still seem to play in some minds when they hear that we live in a same-sex partnership. Yes, we are two women and have been together for over two and a half years.

Some of the questions that we hear are uncomfortable in the beginning, but in the meantime we have gotten used to them and can even take most of them with humor. Here are our top 10.

1. Who is actually the man in the relationship?

Hmm, hard question, but the answer is easy: “None. Not for nothing are we two FRAY N. ”

2. Do you want a threesome?

Absolutely, lesbian relationships are so different from “normal”, monogamy is of course a foreign word for us.

3. Have you already written off any children?

No, we also have the “typical female” sense of family, we want children, and yes, it’s possible that we get some, and adoption is not absolutely necessary, because we have a womb, actually two.

4. It’s just a phase?

Sure, tomorrow we will try a man. Fun aside, of course it is possible that for some it is just the experimental wish. However, we are sure that it is not a phase – but love!

5. Did you choose that?

We did a test in advance online and he told us that – since then we are convinced lesbians. Do not the heteros do the same …? What a question …

6. Do you have proper sex?

The lady enjoys and is silent – but we do not want to be like this: Japp!

7. Have you always been lesbian?

There are also days when I can turn that off … But let’s be serious: No, both of us have not been aware since childhood that we are looking for women. This turned out only after puberty.

8. I think it’s not bad, BUT how is it really like a lesbian?

Questions should not be answered with counter questions, but: “How is it as a person?”

9. You do not even notice that you are lesbian !?

Oh, what are the basic requirements for that?

10. I have some stress with my friend, but you can not help me right?

Sure, because we’re the same sex, we do not know each other about conflict or stress in a relationship … Honestly, that’s nice! But man remains a human, or not? Conflicts can be had with everyone – and fortunately they can be solved!