Leslie and Kevin: the girl’s parents react to the defense of Tom, the main suspect, “We will do everything to prevent this from happening!” : Current Woman Le MAG

How could such violence befall Leslie and her boyfriend Kevin? Reported missing on the night of November 25 to 26, 2023 in Prahecq (Deux-Sèvres), the young lovers aged 22 and 23 were found lifeless in Charente-Maritime on March 3 and 4, 2023, after more than three months of searching . It appears that the two victims were brutally killed during an evening with friends, in a nebulous context of financial debts, drug trafficking and romantic disappointment. While five men, aged 22 to 25, were placed in pre-trial detention, the young girl’s father and stepmother spoke at the microphone of France Blueon the occasion of the sad first anniversary of his death, this November 24, 2023. Patrick Hoorelbeke and Émilie Cardré notably mentioned the indictment for “assassination” of Tom T., main suspect, a more serious motive than “murder” because he retains premeditation.

Tom T. hosted Leslie and Kevin that evening

“We breathe, when we finally learned it… Hoping that it won’t stop there and that it will take as much as possible. Because for the moment, he is trying to ensure that premeditation is not taken into account and we will do everything to make sure that doesn’t happen!” Leslie’s mother-in-law said in a video testimony broadcast by local radio. As recalled Le Figaro this Sunday, November 26, 2023, Tom T. hosted his friends Leslie and Kevin that evening. This 23-year-old man had publicly shown himself cooperative during the citizen searches to find the couplebut many cleaned traces of blood were found in his house, located in the Niort countryside and became the scene of an extremely violent execution, with an axe, hammer and machete, with around fifteen deep injuries for Kevin and around thirty sharp blows for Leslie.

What happened to Onyx, Leslie’s dog?

A staggering brutality of which Leslie and Kevin’s loved ones were also victims, who tried despite the pain to rebuild themselves and move forward, their minds turned towards a probable trial at the assizes. “We are slowly regaining our strength, our taste for life, if you can say that. We try every day not to think about all the horror…”, Patrick Hoorelbeke and Émilie Cardré testified in unison at the microphone of France Bleu. Their priority: that the investigation determines the responsibilities of each, while the suspects pass the responsibility on to each other. “I hope they will all spit on each other so that the truth comes out. The Poitiers gendarmerie called us to tell us that the investigation was continuing, particularly for the dog Onyx,” added Leslie’s mother-in-law, regarding the young house painter’s Malinois cross staff. According to a hearing report revealed by The Parisian, one of the suspects, Nathan, would have been sent to finish off the beast after an attempted poisoning, but would have finally released her in Dordogne, where she was no longer found.

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