Less than 30% of Android smartphones would run on version 11 or later

Alexander Schmid

May 23, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.


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While the trend is improving, disparities in Android distribution continue to be an ecosystem problem.

While Android 13 is launched in beta and should be deployed in stable version towards the end of the summer, many smartphones are still running on an OS that has not been updated for several years.

Android 10 is still popular

The latest Android breakdown figures have been released, and it can be seen that despite the efforts of Google on the one hand and several smartphone brands on the other to improve the software tracking of products, there are still effort to make.

Only 28.3% of mobiles would run Android 11 or a later version (therefore including Android 12, Android 12L and the Android 13 beta). Less than a third of the Android mobile fleet therefore has a recent version of the OS, Android 11 already dating from September 2020.

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Almost a quarter of smartphones (23.9%) are still running Android 10, while Android 9 is still present on 16.2% of devices. Android 8, which introduced the Treble feature to help developers speed up and facilitate the deployment of Android updates, is installed on 11.6% of devices.

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