Let your artichoke (and activist) heart speak by watching Loving on Netflix

Based on a true story, loving tells the story of a mixed American couple in the 1960s, who will have to fight for love to be stronger than hate. A romantic drama to see on Netflix.

Do you want a sweet and romantic film, to see on SVOD platforms this Thursday, March 9, 2023? So we advise you to give love a chance by watching loving.

Available on Netflix, this film released in 2017 and inspired by a true story has lost none of its relevance or its modest beauty.

The film loving on Netflix, a romantic drama with a happy ending (for once)

Mildred and Richard are a loving couple and decide to get married. Problem: we are in 1958, in the United States, in full racial segregation. And in the state of Virginia, where they reside, “interracial” unions are prohibited. Mildred and Richard Loving are then arrested, found guilty and banished from their place of residence for 25 years. To denounce this violation of their civil rights, the duo takes the case to court.

If you like true stories, simple but beautiful, you will love the story of this couple who have become legendary. Through their legal battle, the Lovings reached the Supreme Court in 1967 and helped remove racist restrictions on the right to marry.

Loving // Source: Ben Rothstein / Big Beach, LLC

Their militant romance is brought to the screen by director Jeff Nichols, known for films like Take Shelter Or Midnight Special, who already approached family issues with force. His camera perfectly marries the story of this couple with modesty and restraint, showing that you don’t necessarily need big Hollywood-style romantic declarations to feel the love between two beings. Between Mildred and Richard, everything goes through the unspoken, looks, tears in the corner of the eye and everyday gestures.

So, of course: loving suffers from some lengths and is more of a slow-moving eulogy than an action-packed narrative. But this natural, touching sincerity, ultimately does a lot of good, and allows us to take more time to appreciate the sublime shots of Jeff Nichols.

In front of the camera, the discreet Joel Edgerton (Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi) and Ruth Negga (Marvel: Agents of SHIELD) cause a gentle alchemy. They are accompanied by excellent supporting roles, from Michael Shannon (Bullet Train, At Knives Out) to Nick Kroll (Parks and Recreation, Dickinson). And for once a romantic drama ends well, clearly, we cannot say no to this ode to love.

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  • Must see if you are looking for: romance; drama that ends well; based on a true story; melancholic; American Landscapes; fight against racism; 1960s in the United States; love story ; no violence ; slow narration; pour a teardrop

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