“Let’s Dance”: Amira Pocher had “one or two emotional outbursts”

Current “Let’s Dance” news in the GALA ticker: Amira Pocher is reaching her limits +++ Evgeny Vinokurov shares a family photo with his baby +++ Bastian Bielendorfer comments again on the love rumors about Ekat.

The popular dance show “Let’s Dance” will take place again this year despite the ongoing corona pandemic. The 15th season started on Friday, February 18, 2022 at 8:15 p.m. with the introductory show, in which the 14 prominent participants, the professional dancers and the spectators learned about the pairings. On February 25th the first official competition show took place. RTL will show the big season finale on May 20th.

“Let’s Dance” 2022: All news about the 15th season

May 13, 2022

Amira Pocher “had one or two emotional outbursts”

The finale of “Let’s Dance” is within reach. In the semifinals, Amira Pocher, 29, René Casselly, 25, Mathias Mester, 35, and Janin Ullmann, 40, compete against each other. In the show on May 13, 2022, everything will be demanded of the celebrities. They have to perform two new dances and then convince with the “Impro Dance Even More Extreme”. For the dancers, the semifinals are the toughest show so far.

In an interview with TV presenter Steffi Brungs, 33, Amira Pocher revealed how stressful the last training session was. “This week I was on the verge of cabin fever. All the accumulated stress, fatigue and everything came out. I had one or two emotional outbursts,” admits Olli Pocher’s wife, 44. Her dance partner Massimo Sinató, 41, has experienced this in his protégés in recent years: “Excitement plays a very, very important role in the couples in the semifinals.” Massimo has advice for the mother of two: “Very important: keep your nerves, rely on your partner and the team.”

RTL shows the final from 8:15 p.m.

May 12, 2022

Evgeny Vinokurov shares cute selfie with his family

While four couples are still in the semifinals of “Let’s Dance”, professional dancer Evgeny Vinokurov, 31, can enjoy his time with his small family. He shares his happiness with his fans and followers via Instagram. “Happy us. Spontaneous pic at home [sic]”He writes about a photo that shows him lying on the floor next to his wife Nina and his little son. One detail in particular stands out: Little Nio looks incredibly similar to his dad. Whether he already has his parents’ talent for dancing slumbers?

May 11, 2022

Bastian Bielendorfer answers a private question about Ekaterina Leonova

Bastian Bieldendorfer, 37, and Ekaterina Leonova, 35, were among the most popular dance couples of this year’s “Let’s Dance” season. With their humor and optimism, they danced their way into the hearts of the audience. The harmony between the author and the professional dancer did not go unnoticed by the fans either. In a question and answer session on Instagram, they wanted to reassure themselves that the two were really just friends.

With his answer, the comedian should also nip the last speculations in the bud. The 37-year-old is looking forward to new projects after his show-off, but has “a few days off first”. “Ekat has to get along without me, it’s bitter for her, I’m sure she misses me badly. We became really good friends, we really like each other, we haven’t had sex. That might surprise some, I mean, it’s difficult not over attacking me, I can understand that. But Ekat just barely managed to control himself,” he jokes.

May 10, 2022

Is Joachim Llambi letting Amira Pocher go through too much?

In the fight for the title “Dancing Star 2022”, celebrities and their professional dancers can no longer afford to make mistakes. Nevertheless, it is human that mistakes happen on the dance floor. Above all, Joachim Llambi, 57, is known for his strictness. The viewers, however, notice that he overlooks slip-ups, especially with a celebrity lady: Amira Pocher, 29. Despite the “few mistakes”, Mr. Llambi gave the mother of two in the last edition of “Let’s Dance” 9 points, came in the end to 28 points. This was met with incomprehension by many viewers. With Sarah Mangiones, 31, Charleston previously, the juror only found “a few mistakes”, but she only got 22 points. And after the jive by René Casselly, 25, Llambi said: You’re taking the risk, but we also have to evaluate it when it goes wrong.”

On the net, the users accuse the jurors of preferring the moderator. After the last “Let’s Dance” episode on May 6, 2022, complaints increased on Twitter. “Dance mistakes are always ignored by Amira, right?” Commented a user on the social media platform. And another agreed: “Oh yes, with Amira, the few small foot defects are not bad, but with others the mistakes are ridden around.”

“Too sexual”: Erich Klann and Oana Nechiti criticize Sarah Mangione’s trio dance

The fight for the “Let’s Dance” victory is picking up speed. Accordingly, the candidates got everything out of themselves in the past show. This was also evident in the trio dance by Sarah Mangione, 31, together with the professional dancers Vadim Garbuzov, 35, and Malika Dzumaev, 31. They danced an erotic dance on the floor “hot threesome”. In her song “Don’t be so shy” by Imamy it says, among other things: “Take off my clothes.” And it felt like the two professional dancers and Sarah were not far away.

For the former “Let’s Dance” professionals Erich Klann, 35, and Oana Nechiti, 34, it was a shovel too much eroticism. In the podcast “Dance or not at all”, Erich initially praises: “I think the idea is nice that you take a professional man and a professional woman. I found it very nicely solved, very intensive”, but then it comes big but: “For me sometimes too intense.” The 35-year-old explains his opinion as follows:“It was too sexual. When the three of them dance the rumba together, you don’t have to touch much anymore. You could have left it with nice dancing.” And further: “I’ve never been a fan of doing things like that on a family show. Maybe because I have kids now.” His fiancée and podcast colleague Oana agrees. “I felt like it wasn’t Malika’s thing either. She did well. It’s not necessarily her style though. […] It’s not my taste either.” The jury liked the performance a little better. Sarah was finally able to break her 22-point curse with the rumba. In the end, however, the 25 points weren’t enough for the semi-finals.

May 9, 2022

Is Amira Pocher getting too much? Mama Mirjam Svetnik is worried

It will be exciting with “Let’s Dance”. Four couples are still left in the fight for the title “Dancing Star 2022”, including Amira Pocher, 29, and Massimo Sinató, 41. The trophy is within reach – and not only Amira’s husband Oliver Pocher, 44, is very proud to his sweetheart, Mama Mirjam Svetnik is also enthusiastic about her daughter’s talent. After all, it was always a heart’s desire for the 50-year-old that Amira danced. Nevertheless, there is also a certain skepticism about the dance project, as she admits in the RTL interview: Sometimes I worry.” Because the mother of two has a lot to do with her kids in addition to her numerous training hours in everyday life.

“The way it’s going right now, you can’t cope with it in the long run,” says Mirjam Svetnik and looks forward to the time after “Let’s Dance”. “Where she has more time for herself and her family and she can just breathe again,” says Amira’s mother. During the entertainment show, she always has her daughter’s back and is in Cologne as often as possible. “I spend my holidays and my free time here to support them,” she assures. And who knows, maybe it’s worth persevering and in the end Amira Pocher will be rewarded with the “Let’s Dance” victory.

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