Let’s Dance: Ann-Kathrin Bendixen’s boyfriend speaks out after bursting into tears

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Ann-Kathrin Bendixen’s partner is now speaking out

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April 15, 2024

Ann-Kathrin Bendixen’s partner speaks out after she burst into tears

Ann-Kathrin Bendixen, 24, fought back tears on Friday evening, April 12th: The reactions online after her progress in the last show were extreme. Since there is often criticism and not too many points from the jury, some viewers think that she should leave the field. “I had a moment where I definitely felt bad,” she told RTL after the show. In such situations she tends to put herself down. Nevertheless, she is very moved by the support of her fans. “It touches me so much because I know how many people call,” said the influencer.

Her partner Isa Akhmatov also spoke up after the show and emphasized in an interview with the broadcaster: “She’s learning to enjoy it more and more. At the beginning she was super stressed, but it’s really getting better and better.”

Isa Akhmatov and Ann-Kathrin Bendixen

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