“Let’s Dance”: rarity! Candidate Detlef Soost shows daughter Chani

“Let’s Dance”
Rarity! Candidate Detlef Soost shows daughter Chani

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April 22, 2024

Finally 18! “Let’s Dance” candidate Detlef Soost celebrates his daughter Chani

There are touching lines that Detlef Soost, 53, dedicates to his daughter Chani between his “Let’s Dance” breaks. In a cute childhood photo that reveals that Chani takes after mom Kate Hall, 40, the proud father enthuses: “April 21st was a very special day – my big daughter […] turned 18 years old. […] It feels like you were just a baby in my arms, and now you’ve suddenly become a wonderful young woman. Where has the time gone?”

But no matter what age his daughter would reach, she would be in Detlef’s heart “forever [s]remain a little Chani”. The choreographer, who is currently fighting for the “Let’s Dance” trophy alongside Ekaterina Leonova, 36, is “so incredibly grateful for every moment” that he was able to experience with his child. With the Detlef Soost concludes his heartwarming Instagram post with the words “I love you so much and will always be there for you.”

Sophia Thiel is in tears after “Let’s Dance” ends

In the last “Let’s Dance” episode on Friday, April 19, 2024, both Biyon Kattilathu, 39, and Marta Arndt, 34, as well as Sophia Thiel, 29, and Alexandru Ionel, 29, had to leave the show. After the broadcast, the 29-year-old appeared in tears. Nevertheless, she remains positive and emphasizes how much more self-confident she has become. “I had a really great time with him and I hardly recognize myself and, above all, I’m very grateful for the trip!” says the YouTuber in an interview with RTL.

The professional dancer also commented on the expulsion: “I’m also very sad, but I don’t feel that I’m in tears because I’m very proud of this journey and I’m very happy that we ended with such a positive one Dance the exit!”

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