Let's Dance: The start date for the 14th season has been set

All series news in Brigitte ticker: "Let's Dance": The start date for the 14th season has been set +++ "Der Bergdoktor": Annika Ernst joins the main cast +++ Third season "Charité": This is how main actress Nina works Gummich.

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January 15, 2021

"Let's Dance": The start date for the 14th season has been set

There is dancing again – and very soon! It has long been known that there will be a new season of the popular dance show "Let's Dance" in 2021. Now RTL has finally published the start date for the 14th season. From the end of February the fight for the title "Dancing Star 2021" will start a new round.

More precisely, the first episode will be broadcast on February 26th at 8:15 p.m., as the broadcaster announced today. Traditionally, the season begins with a welcome show, where professionals and stars can get to know each other for the first time. At the end of the opening episode, the respective couples are determined. A week later, the jurors Jorge González, Motsi Mabuse and Joachim Llambi will give their first ratings. Due to the corona pandemic, there will be no audience in the studio for the time being.

Last year Lili Paul-Roncalli, 22, was allowed to take home the coveted "Let's Dance" trophy. At the side of professional dancer Massimo Sinató, 40, she prevailed in the final against Moritz Hans, 25, and Luca Hänni, 26, who danced with Renata Lusin, 33, and Christina Luft, 30, respectively. Who will follow in Lili's footsteps?

"Der Bergdoktor": Annika Ernst joins the main cast

Dr. Martin Gruber (Hans Sigl, 51) gets female support! The 14th season of "Der Bergdoktor" has been on ZDF since the beginning of January. And in the upcoming episode, fans of the TV hit can look forward to a new face: Actress Annika Ernst, 38, slips into the role of surgeon Dr. Johanna Rudiger.

According to a ZDF press release, the 38-year-old will be seen for the first time in the series next Thursday (January 21) in the episode "Fire". Not much is known about her storyline – just this much: You and Dr. Alexander Kahnweiler (Mark Keller, 55) are fighting for the vacant position of chief doctor in the clinic. A tough competition seems certain in this starting position.

In his private life, Ernst has a big heart for animals and is committed to the “Freimfelde” farm in Brandenburg. But it does not only support the project financially. "I like to help out on the farm and sometimes muck out the stable. My daughter and I are there at least twice a month, sometimes for several days," she told "Bild".

January 13, 2021

Third season "Charité": This is how leading actress Nina Gummich ticks privately

The third season of "Charité" started on Tuesday (January 12th). The new episodes of the hospital series begin in 1961, the year the Berlin Wall was built. The main female character Dr. Ella Wendt plays actress Nina Gummich, 30. In her private life, however, the Leipzig-born is very different from her role.

How to become a doctor like her series character? That would not be an option for the 30-year-old. "Rather, I found out again during this shoot that I was completely unsuitable for it. At some point I also told the doctor, who was supposed to explain everything to me, that he didn't use too many technical terms, but rather like the" show with the Mouse "should explain", she said in an interview with the news agency "spot on news". But she could identify with the styling of her figure.

In her private life, Nina pays attention, she also said, that the clothes are made from good fabrics and fair trade. It is also important to her not to consume too much. "When I turn as much and get dressed as I do now, I like to walk around in sweatpants and a hoodie to compensate for this. But I am very excited when someone knows a lot about fashion," she said.

"The Biggest Loser": Camp boss Christine Theiss swore

Something was going on! Candidate Carina, 31 (starting weight 114.1 kg, team blue), had to pack her bags in the current issue of "The Biggest Loser" because she had lost the least percentage of weight. But until it came to that, only camp boss Christine Theiss, 40, had her grand entrance.

Carina burst into tears at the announcement. They softened the heart of teammate Chanté, 22 (starting weight 124.2 kg). She announced surprisingly: "I would like to say something. The fact is that I would give Carina my place."

Not only her trainer Ramin Abtin, 48, got in a bad mood after this sentence: "No, there is no such thing," he explained. Camp boss Theiss couldn't believe what she was hearing and made a decision: "No. . Do you know why? (…) You are definitely not ready to do it on your own. "Chanté was unapologetic:" I just think it's so unfair that I take someone's place away. "

That really got the former kickboxer into a rage. "Jesus Christ, you're not taking anyone's seat. Now you start to look at yourself and not at others, darn it. You are not responsible for Carina's life, but you are responsible for your life and you are one of them young girl and you won't throw that away from me up here, "she swore. No sooner said than done. Carina had to go and Chanté can continue to fight for victory in" The Biggest Loser ".

January 12, 2021

"Storm of Love": Two new actors come to the Fürstenhof

Two new characters are causing turbulence in Bichlheim! Merve Çakır joins the main cast as Shirin Ceylan. Christoph Mory takes on a guest role as Lars Sternberg in the telenovela. But both have one thing in common: They mess up the life of leading actress Christina Arends alias Maja von Thalheim.

Shirin was actually Maja's best friend, but then a terrible mistake happened to her: She slept with the blonde's fiancé. In mid-February, in the 3543rd episode, which is expected to run on February 15, 2021, she comes to the Fürstenhof to get her former best friend to forgive her.

In addition, in episode 3554, expected to be broadcast on March 3, 2021, Lars Sternberg enters Maja's life and turns out to be her father. The scriptwriters came up with a crazy story for him: "After the financial scandal for which he was wrongly held responsible, he faked his death and went underground in South America, where he suspected the real culprits. In order to be able to investigate undetected , he had to change his appearance and underwent a facial operation ", it says on the homepage of" Sturm der Liebe ".

"Bares for Rares": That is why the dealers tore up "waste paper" from the attic

This treasure almost ended up in the trash! Haulier Holger Hörsting wanted to sell a couple of black folders at "Bares für Rares". He had found this in his father's attic.

The seller knew that these were works by Victor Vasarély, but in his eyes they had no value: "It is not difficult for me to part with the works of Victor Vasarély, since they are put in waste paper when I clear the attic should." Fortunately, Hörstling went to Horst Lichter at "Bares für Rares" instead – because the portfolios were something special!

The "waste paper" turned out to be a valuable and limited work by the Hungarian artist, a pioneer of so-called Op Art. Expert Albert Maier gave an estimate of 2,000 to 3,000 euros. And the dealers Markus Wildhagen, Wolfgang Pauritsch, Fabian Kahl, Susanne Steiger and Esther Ollick were also more than willing to shell out the money for this rarity, all five of them were almost fighting over the works.

"Choose it," summarized Kahl for the seller. And in the end he was also the lucky one who was allowed to take the precious "waste paper" with him.

January 11, 2021

"Der Bergdoktor": Does the 14th season end with a happy ending?

The 14th season of "Der Bergdoktor" started on January 7th on ZDF. In time for the start of the new episodes, actress Ronja Forcher, 24, (plays Lilli Gruber) answered questions from her fans on Instagram. The 24-year-old spoke about the end of the current season.

During the question-and-answer session, a user wanted to know whether the 14th season of the series will end with a happy ending or an open ending. The response of the 24-year-old: "Somehow … both? I'm curious what you say." The Austrian is very excited about her fans. But no matter how the season ends – there will definitely be a 15th edition of the TV hit. "Yes, it will continue after that," Ronja confirmed on the photo and video platform.

Ronja has played Lilli Gruber, the daughter of mountain doctor Martin Gruber, who is portrayed by Hans Sigl, 51, for twelve years. She has also been seen in television films such as "Die Geierwally" (2005) or "Forever Africa" ​​(2007). In 2017, the series actress took off her clothes for German Playboy.

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