Lets Dance: These six participants will be remembered forever

Lets dance
These six participants will be remembered forever

Oliver Pocher alias Freddie Mercury on "Let's Dance".

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Lots of humor and emotional stories: from 13 seasons of "Let's Dance" some celebrities have been remembered – even without a win.

"Let's Dance" starts next Friday (February 26th at 8:15 pm on RTL) in its 14th season. It is not just the outstanding dance performances that make the RTL show unique. Some stars stay in the audience's minds thanks to their humor, their characters and their life stories – even without the trophy. Do you remember these candidates?

The emotional side of Ilka Bessin

Ilka Bessin (49), known to many as Cindy from Marzahn, has shown a completely new side in the past 13th season. The comedian was surprisingly emotional, took the competition seriously and revealed a lot of her private life. That was well received by the audience: Despite low scores, Bessin and her dance partner Erich Klann (33) went home with a good fifth place.

Oliver Pocher alias Freddie Mercury

The appearances of comedian Oliver Pocher (43, "Influenza"), who danced his way up to seventh place with Christina Luft (31) in season twelve, will not be forgotten. The many calls, however, are less likely to be due to the dancing than to his costumes. Because Pocher shone on the dance floor not only as the legendary Queen frontman Freddie Mercury (1946-1991), but also as the provocative Britney Spears (39) and shy "Baby" from "Dirty Dancing".

Deaf Benjamin Piwko dances into the final

Benjamin Piwko (40) demonstrated a sense of rhythm in the twelfth season – and without any hearing. The professional martial artist and actor has caused one or two rolling tears with his story. Because of an infection, he has been deaf since childhood. But even without hearing the music, Piwko fought his way to the finals and a sovereign third place. He got help from his dance partner Isabel Edvardsson (38).

Kerstin Ott dances with a woman

Pop singer Kerstin Ott (39) provided a premiere in the twelfth season: For the first time, two women danced with each other on "Let's Dance". This honor was given to professional dancer Regina Luca (32). However, the female dance couple did not get far: After the fifth episode, it was over for the two. Ex- "Prince Charming" Nicolas Puschmann (29) is following this year's season: He will dance with a man. That has never happened with "Let's Dance" either.

"Shake your bacon", Faisal Kawusi!

In the tenth season, Faisal Kawusi (29) has proven that a slim stature does not have to be a prerequisite for elegantly dancing a leg on stage. The comedian made it to fifth place with Oana Nechiti (33). His samba for Peter Fox's "Shake Your Speck" will not be forgotten. At the end of Kawusi's dance time, however, the song was no longer entirely accurate: The comedian is said to have lost more than 15 kilos during his "Let's Dance" participation.

Heinrich Popow does not allow himself to be stopped by handicap

Heinrich Popow (37) has conquered the "Let's Dance" stage and the hearts of many spectators with only one leg. The former track and field athlete and multiple Paralympics winner made a clear statement in season ten: a handicap doesn't keep you from your dreams. He secured sixth place with professional dancer Kathrin Menzinger (32).