Let's Dance: This is what Laura Müller's diet looks like



Laura Müller and her Let's Dance Diet

Laura Müller slowly dances into "Let's Dance". On Instagram you always get a little glimpse behind the scenes. And they show that training for the dance show is pretty tough. In order to deliver on the floor, the participants stick to a strict plan. And what about nutrition?


Laura Müller has now revealed what her "Let's Dance" diet looks like. And now some will be surprised. Because instead of proteins and Co., Wendlers Schatzi has one thing on the menu: Pizza!

In her story, Laura shared a picture of a huge pizza with the words "After training – Yummi".

Well, we can already see the critics complain that this does not look like a healthy diet. But we have to say: after the hard training you really deserve a reward! We couldn't say no to pizza. Enjoy yourself, Laura Müller – Let's Dance or not.


Corona rules at Let's Dance

Sports events do without spectators, trade fairs are canceled, trips are postponed – the Corona virus is spreading across Europe. Now new rules also apply to "Let's Dance". After all, the show is about a lot of physical contact.

A distance rule for participants can hardly be implemented. The dance partners will continue to deal with each other normally, and the spectators will remain as they are, as RTL reports.

However, something is likely to change in the shows and behind the scenes. Let's dance doctor Dr. Volker Gilbert has set up corona rules:

A rule that we have introduced is that we make the greeting less cordial. Everyone is instructed not to hug people right away

So we have to do without the congratulations and warm kisses after the dances. Instead, the participants are said to have introduced the corona bump – they simply clink their buttocks. Well, that can still be fun …


Ilka Bessin sets an example

Who would have expected that? Comedienne Ilka Bessin is a real surprise at this year's "Let's Dance" season. Because it shows itself from another side – and does not provide the fun factor as expected, but above all brings serious issues onto the floor.

Now Ilka Bessin and her dance partner created a sensation: Erich Klann performed in a fatsuit. And so the duet made a clear statement. They danced to the song "Respect" by Aretha Frankling – and animated to do just that. People should learn to treat each other more respectfully and not judge them by weight, height or other superficialities. Hooray! We need exactly such messages – and with it you take "Let's Dance" to a whole new level, Ilka Bessin!

We are eager to see what happens.

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The start number * 10 * also brought us luck der in the second live show. But no matter what number we start the race next Friday, I cannot thank you enough for your support überhaupt. Every call, every text message and every honest comment, here on this page, motivates me to start the new training week to give you my best in the next show. I hope I can. Thank you for everything! Your Team TSC * BessErich * KL on RTL TV @sabrinasetlur "You don't love me, but we love you !!" @erichklann #teambesserich # letsdance2020 #simplemal thanks #dance #dance #teamwork Photo 3 TV NOW / Stefan Gregorowius & Photos 1, 2 , 4 & 5 Ilka Bessin

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Let's Dance – Facts about the dance show

  • The first season of Let's Dance ran on RTL in 2006

  • The 13th season runs in 2020 – Joachim Llambi has been on the jury from the start

  • In addition to Llambi, Motsi Mabuse and Jorge González also judge the dance performances of the stars

  • "Let's Dance" is moderated by Victoria Swarovski and Daniel Hartwich

Sources used: RTL, RND