“Let’s start again”, a glimmer of hope for families with these new tracks

After the prosecutor’s statements, a specialist analyzes the state of the investigation into the disappearance of little Émile in Vernet. A decryption which seems to indicate new avenues.

Where is the investigation in the case of the disappearance of little Émile? If that of Lina, 15 years old, is of great concern in the East, Haut-Vernet (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur) is still awaiting news of the investigations concerning the little 2-year-old boy, who has not given any further sign of life since July 8, 2023. 40 years after his death, answers could be provided to little Grégory’s parents. So it’s never too late. A macabre discovery would have relaunched Émile’s affair, which is not at all at a standstill according to investigators. Criminology specialist Alain Bauer analyzed the statements of Aix-en-Provence prosecutor Jean-Luc Blachon in January 2024 on BFM TV : “We are in the long term of technical analyses. The file is alive, it is very alive”. What does this mean?

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Disappearance of Émile: the investigation far from being at a standstill

Prosecutor Jean-Luc Blachon said: “We may have missed it. We may have searched incorrectly”. If he refuses to do “hypotheses“, his worry is that they are not able to “bring this matter to fruition […] It would be a moral fault not to keep hope”. For Alain Bauer, these statements aim to “reassure after weeks and weeks, months of nothing”.

According to the specialist, “in the ‘don’t trample’ of the investigation, there are also secondary elements which are: ‘we may not have finished exploiting tens of thousands of hours of video surveillance‘”. He evokes another story, that of Lucas Tronche: “Recently, a young boy who had gone missing was found because we had, in fact, searched poorly in extremely thick bushes. And the drought helped uncover the remains of this young man“.

For Alain Bauer, the prosecutor’s statements are a “indication”, the investigation did not reach the end: “We start again, we re-sift everything. On the one hand in what we perhaps did wrong. And on the other, in what we have not finished doing”.

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