Leyla Lahouar and Mike Heiter: First message after their car accident

Leyla Lahouar + Mike Heiter
First detailed statement! “We were lucky in misfortune”

Leyla Lahouar and Mike Heiter

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Mike Heiter and Leyla Lahouar were involved in an accident on May 18, 2024. After a brief sign of life from the hospital, the jungle camp couple reported back on May 20th with a video statement.

It is shocking news that Leyla Lahouar, 27, shares: The former “Bachelor” and jungle camp participant contacted her fans and followers on Instagram on the night of Sunday, May 19th with a video that she in the hospital shows. You and your partner Mike Heiter, 32, was in a car accident the evening before.

“We didn’t get anything bad out of it”

On the evening of May 20th, Leyla and Mike finally got back to their fans with a detailed statement. The two can give the all-clear: “We were lucky in misfortune,” explains Mike. And further: “We didn’t suffer anything bad other than bruises and abrasions.” Leyla adds: “And a huge shock. It’s still there [tief].”

The two also describe the accident from their perspective. “We were at the red light, he [Mike] “I saw the car speeding along, I didn’t, because I was also doing live shopping,” Leyla remembers. There was another car next to them at the intersection, both cars started moving when the traffic lights came up Turned green, a third car drove off from the side, probably running red – “and then completely crashed into us,” as Mike made clear with appropriate hand signals. “It all happened much too quickly,” worries Leyla.

1st message after Leyla Lahouar’s car accident! “I hope everything is fine”

Lying in a hospital bed in tears and wearing a neck brace, Lahouar explained on May 19 that she had just received so many messages and that’s why she wanted to reach out: “You don’t have to worry.” Her mother even called her crying. At this point, the 27-year-old didn’t know where her boyfriend was. “But I hope he comes to me right away. And please don’t worry, okay. I just hope he comes to me right away and everything is fine.”

Leyla Lahouar

Leyla Lahouar reports from the clinic completely in tears the night after the accident.

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Mike Heiter’s manager gives the all-clear: “Leyla and Mike are fine”

Heiter has not yet reported himself on social media. Only his friend and manager Paco had given the all-clear shortly after Leyla’s story. “Leyla and Mike are well and in good hands. The two will contact you shortly,” he explains Instagram.

Mike Heiter’s manager Paco reassures the fans: “Leyla and Mike are fine and in good hands.”

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On Sunday morning we finally got the longed-for sign of life from the couple. The two post a photo from the hospital bed. Leyla snuggled up tightly to her Mike. They wrote: “Wanted to give you a quick sign of life. We have now spent the night in the hospital but are well up so far. We will contact you later [sic].”

There are now numerous well wishes from fans and celebrities under the post. “I hope everything is going well for you given the circumstances. I hope you get fit again soon,” writes ex-“Celebrity Big Brother” resident Peter Klein, 57. The former “Bachelor” candidate Eva Benetatou, 32, is relieved: “Wow, thank God! To be honest, when I saw that last night, I was really worried. Get well soon you two, take care of yourselves [sic].” Singer Senna Gammour, 44, with whom Leyla has a joint podcast, also reports: “I hope for a speedy recovery, take care of yourselves, sweeties [sic].”

Leyla and Mike wanted to go to Paderborn from his mother

The couple was on the way to Paderborn, where a joint appearance in a club was planned, as Mike announced on Instagram a few hours earlier. As Leyla’s manager has now confirmed to RTL, the car accident occurred on Saturday evening in Essen. The two of them had previously been invited to a barbecue at Mike’s mother’s house. It was the first meeting of Leyla and the woman who gave birth to her loved one.

The accident must have occurred after that. Both were said to have been taken to the hospital by ambulance and checked from head to toe in the clinic. According to information from “Bild”, a total of three vehicles were involved in the accident.

They met in the jungle camp 2024

Mike Heiter and Leyla Lahouar flirted at the beginning of the year on the RTL show “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” in front of the cameras – to the annoyance of Mike’s ex-girlfriend Kim Virginia, 28, who was also present. But they only officially came out as a couple a little later, in March 2024. The two reality stars are now looking for an apartment together, like Mike Heiter had revealed it a few weeks ago.

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