LFL Div 2: Altetec presents its roster with exes from K Corp

Photo: Atletec

The LFL becomes more and more attractive and the teams of Div 2 all dream of joining the Premier League, to cross swords with European legends like Rekkles (KC) or Vizicsacsi (GO). But for that, it is necessary to obtain its rise by finishing top 2 then shining during Up & Down. It is a real fighter’s path that awaits the competitors, but these obstacles do not scare at all to Atletec who after an ambitious transfer window will seek to pull out of the game.


Two former LFL talents and two former K Corp

Several profiles arouse our curiosity within the Altetec roster. First, we observe that the leaders have managed to sign two former talents of the LFL. Vichen evolved at Misfits Premier (2019) and even played in the playoffs alongside a certain Hans Sama. Pak he played for GamersOrigin (2021) and had shown interesting potential during the Spring Split. Both have, however, disappeared from the radar a bit and have failed to establish themselves at the highest level. With the relaunch at Altetec, they have the opportunity to move forward.

On their side, Helaz and Jujutw0 have never played in the LFL Premier League. However, they had their moment of glory on the side of the K Corp, when the structure was still in Div 2. The support returned a good copy in 2021 at Altetec and it was extended … We also imagine that it has had his share of responsibility in the recruitment of Helaz who played at FC Nantes this year.

The 5th and last player is the toplaner Draptix. We don’t have a lot of information about him and at 23, time is running out for him if he wants to settle down in the professional world. Brilliant last year at Open Tour level with PCS, it’s up to him to show us what he’s capable of.


Always more level, always more hype. After a competitive year that will remain etched in our memories, the French League of LoL returns even stronger in 2022. LFL or Div2, do not miss a single match of the best of ERL.

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