LG Oled 42-inch televisions (42C2) will indeed have an Oled Evo panel… later

The first 42-inch LG Oled televisions delivered are equipped with a classic Oled panel, but LG Electronics confirms that these models will be equipped with an Oled Evo during the second quarter of 2022.

Our colleagues from HDTVTest bought an LG 42C2 OLED TV, the only LG model equipped with an OLED panel of only 42 inches (107 cm), the smallest OLED TV on the market. While digging through the service menus, they found that it had an older generation Oled panel known under the code name of WBC, while the 55 and 65 inch versions, such as the LG 65C2 that we tested , for example, carry an Oled Evo / EX panel called WBE.

LG Electronics confirmed to the South Korean site KBench the presence of classic OLED panels in the C2 models: “LG 42C2 televisions use a mix of Oled WBC and WBE panels. This is directly related to LG Display’s production capabilities. The new Oled WBE panels will be used sequentially after the second quarter of 2022. WBC and WBE refer to the type of materials used in the Oled panel and LG Display has been operating WBE panels since the arrival of Oled Evo last year. LG Display sells WBE panels as Oled EX models this year.”

LG Electronics refuses to use the term Oled EX for its Oled 2022 televisions and prefers Oled Evo. The brand has however confirmed the use of a new generation Oled panel on its Oled C2 and G2 televisions. We asked LG Electronics for confirmation on the use of deuterium, which would confirm the use of an Oled EX panel.

The Oled Evo/EX panel should not change the peak brightness

However, the adoption of an Oled Evo or Oled EX panel by LG C2 42 and 48 inch televisions should not increase the peak of brightness. At the end of March, LG Electronics indicated that these versions of the LG C2 would not benefit from the same peak of brightness as the other models of the larger C2 range. According to LG, the very high resolution (pixel density) on the 42 and 48-inch models does not allow for a significant increase in brightness. The arrival of the new slab should therefore not change the situation on this point. On the other hand, one can wonder if the Oled panels using new materials do not benefit from a better lifespan.

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