Lhyfe and Thevenin & Ducrot will build a green hydrogen production site in Bussy-Saint-Georges

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(Boursier.com) — Lhyfe and Thevenin & Ducrot (AVIA), energy distributor for mobility, were selected by the city of Bussy-Saint-Georges and its partners as part of the Call for Expressions of Interest (AMI) for the implementation place of a green hydrogen sector in Seine-et-Marne.

For the city of Bussy-Saint-Georges, the ambition around this project is threefold: decarbonize territorial mobility, create jobs by welcoming players in the hydrogen sector to the region and finally contribute to training to the hydrogen professions.

To create this hydrogen ecosystem, public partners launched an AMI at the beginning of 2023. This was won by the consortium formed by Lhyfe and Thevenin & Ducrot (AVIA). Lhyfe will develop a green and renewable hydrogen production site with a production capacity of 2 tonnes/day (5 MW installed capacity) while Thevenin & Ducrot (AVIA) will install a multi-energy distribution station in the region. from Bussy-Saint-Georges.

This ecosystem will support the energy transition of transporters and will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as improving air quality in the Île-de-France region. Lhyfe will be able, in addition to supplying an industrial site by direct pipeline (pipeline), to deliver its hydrogen by containers (in ‘bulk’ or ‘bulk’) in Île-de-France.

This multi-energy hub will be installed on 8,500 m2. It is part of the overall project led by Bussy-Saint-Georges, and will offer all alternative energies for mobility. It will notably supply the Thevenin & Ducrot multi-energy station (AVIA).

As part of this project, Lhyfe and Thevenin & Ducrot (AVIA) submitted a joint grant application file to the Ademe Territorial Hydrogen Ecosystems window in September 2023, bringing together several mobility stakeholders around the project.

The deployment of this equipment is planned for 2026.

During the session, Lhyfe shares fell again by around 8%, returning to 3.24 euros. Since the market close on October 10, Lhyfe has lost 36.2% on the stock market, or 88.15 ME in market capitalization.

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