Liam Neeson: He's declared his action film career over


Liam Neeson
He declares his action film career over

Liam Neeson at a 2018 film premiere in New York

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Liam Neeson plans to withdraw from the action movie genre. It is too exhausting to beat up boys who are half his age.

There are some veterans in the action film genre that it is hard to imagine Hollywood without. With Liam Neeson (68, "96 Hours") one of them takes off his hat. He justified his decision at "Entertainment Tonight" with his age: "I'm 68 and a half years old. 69 this year. There are a few more I'll do this year – if Covid will hopefully allow us. There are still another couple in the works and then I think that's it. Unless I come with a walker or something. "

Back door stays open

Neeson makes no secret of his love for action films. His latest film "The Marksman" only premiered on January 15th. Neeson obviously enjoyed the filming: "I love doing it. I love beating up guys who are half my age."

Nevertheless, Neeson now feels too old for the business, as he makes clear with the help of an anecdote from the last shooting: "I just finished filming in Australia where I had a fight scene with a boy – a wonderful, sweet actor named Taylor – and halfway through I looked up, out of breath and it didn't cost him any effort, I said, 'Taylor, how old are you?' He said, '25. ' I said, 'That's how old my oldest son is!' "